Should there b a line between past & present?


It was so weird yesterday. I was listening to a mix of music. First, I started with “Theives in the Temple” & “Gett off”… those 2 magic tracks that happen to follow one another on my “Very Best of…” disc. I dunno… they just work so well together.

Then I wanted to cheer myself up, so I listened to 1999 & Little Red Corvette… still love those two even thu I’ve heard them so much. Someone on the boards suggests “you gotta hear ‘Let’s Pretend We’re Married'”…. cool video, by the way. It pretty much used the same set up of 1999, but everybody was on keyboards (except 4 Bobby Z and the one guitarist. Fink, Lisa and even Dez was on keyboards). I could argue against the set-up, though… made it hard to see his face in midst of the smoke-effects… but he definitely knows how to use up that stage.

Anyway, I got so used to seeing him in the past that I was starting to take myself seriously when I said “he’s ageless”… so I’ve convinced myself that he’s the same age in ‘Let’s Pretend We’re Married’ & … of the top of my head ‘Black Sweat’… that’s kinda weird 2 me. I wanna keep those two eras seperate, not mix them together like that.

Get this. Prince @ present made an appearance in my dream w/o saying a word. A group of people were playing music while discussing it. He walks down a staircase from a distance and stands aside, while seeming to be listening 2 them. I looked at him and he looked all serious and stuff. It’s kinda weird, when you think about it… him being mysterious like that when on stage he’s so open.

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