Purple Rain: my 7th time

Definitely never watch it on cable TV… unless you’re prepared 2 start throwing things. Some of the cuts they made were reasonable… I just don’t like them butchering songs and cutting “the best 10 minutes of my life” in half… this of course was the 2-parter performance that brought me head over heels 4 Prince a couple of years ago.

You never really forget your first time. The first time I saw it in its entirity was a little more than a month ago. I’ll never forget it, that’s for sure. I was completely blown away by how good it was and how the songs configurated into it. I remember seeing it, thinking Prince playing the role as “The Kid”, not playing himself. That’s the way it was tonight. I saw “The Kid” as his own person. Who really knows how alike he and Prince are? Only his Greatness knows that.

Simply amazing, though. I was “wowed” by ‘I Would Die 4 U/Baby I’m a Star’… and instantly got taken in by him at that point… but I was very casual about him. I never took the initiative to become the “fan” I am now… I waited around, watching his appearances that came up (American Idol & GMA’s Summer Concert Series)… but never took that extra step. Then the SuperBowl came… I was thrilled that Prince was the headliner 4 it… I couldn’t wait 2 see yet another performance. That one was unlike any other… it blew me away. It was the first time I heard him do ‘Purple Rain’… at least in a long time… I barely remember seeing him do it in the movie, it was such a long time ago.

So much has happened already since I jumped in. I feel like I reflect on my beginning of this journey every single day. It’s an amazing ride, has been since I got on it and I don’t plan on getting off anytime soon when there’s so much yet to uncover.

I just listened through the soundtrack… and I’ve found interesting things.

Let’s Go Crazy-Take Me with U-The Beautiful Ones all go together in one set of three… starting the album on a good note, and starting into a romantic relationship. I felt like Prince was trying to tell me something thru ‘The Beautiful Ones’… like those who look beautiful on the outside could still smash the picture because they don’t hold that same beauty inside. He brought me close 2 tears that time (didnt accomplish that in the movie tonite)… my eyes were covered, but none fell.

Computer Blue-Darling Nikki-When Doves Cry is the next trinity of songs. My thoughts went off for a short moment towards the beginning of the first… and I got caught in Prince’s angst. The guy is really angry in this song… at least b4 he gets to the ‘Father’s Song’ portion… I mean really angry, you can totally hear it in his guitar playing. It sounds like he was searching in the portion from 2:19-3:31… but still is full of angst by the end when he screams. Darling Nikki I enjoyed a lot cuz I missed out on it tonite (stinkin’ censors)… anyway, the angst continues thru it. And when he starts screaming and gets down with his bad-self… I just couldn’t help laughing, I can still see his antics in the movie thru that section… driving me out of my mind, hilarious. Then the backwards taped portion… is him slowly realizing the mistake he made. When Doves Cry is pretty much him owning up 2 what he did wrong and he’s searching 4 a way to make it right.

Even with three songs left, the last track stands on its own.

I Would Die 4 U-Baby I’m A Star is still gold. My first time seeing Prince was when he did this and since then, I’ve been head over heels 4 him. Haha… I still can’t figure out what the meaning of it all is. It’s like his mind is clearer… he’s a little less cocky, I guess… and he’s enjoying himself a whole lot more in these tracks. These 2 tracks stand on their own so much that it’s hard to figure out how they configure into the album.

While watching him do Purple Rain in the movie, I felt like some of his phrases were directed at me. Like he wants me to find internal peace, i.e. the purple rain… some kind of enlightenment, I guess you could say. For that reason, I understand the comparison of Gold to it… but Gold is a lot more powerful in terms of connection. PR has barely scratched the surface. However, I did find Prince’s heart within the song. During the instrumental solo he has b4 the “sing-along chorus”, I can feel his spirit take on an audible appearance… his guitar playing sounds like his soul vibrating and it’s really beautiful. Incredibly beautiful. Then when he does the “sing-along chorus”, I can feel his soul crying, and I can only conclude it’s crying about the subject of the song, the person that inspired its creation. That brings me 2 tears almost every time and now I know why. This is the reason why it’s at the top of my list of favorite Prince songs, just behind Gold.

Every album I have, Prince has reached out to me and has tried to teach me a lesson or something along those lines. Until today, I couldn’t find that in Purple Rain. He’s mostly taken me along his journey, but occasionally, he’ll appeal to me and try to open my heart 2 him. He does that only thru 2 songs, The Beautiful Ones & the title track. Which is fine… perhaps one day, the other will follow (well, not Darling Nikki… but the others sure will).

[as of 4/15/07]

I just listened through the album again. Let’s Go Crazy is basically the lead-in, starts out the album, gets you excited about it, etc. But I’ve come to the conclusion that the rest of it tells the tale of a relationship, quite obviously, it could be The Kid & Apollonia in the movie with the same name. He finds love (quite possibly in Let’s Go Crazy, saying that they won’t let the world bring them down) and states the obvious in Take Me With U. Then The Beautiful Ones is his plea 4 her to b his girl. Due to the response in Computer Blue, he gets shot down and is angry about a possible betrayal (the movie shows it 2 b true). In the “Father’s Song” portion, I could hear him speak what he wanted to say to his girl. He asks why she betrayed him and he still wants her back. That right there was Prince’s heart speaking. He remains angry though and goes into Darling Nikki. Quite a curious song, actually because it could either be about his girl or a girl named Nikki he saw to make his girl jealous… I’m not quite sure at this point. The anger after he stops singing points to his girl being the guilty one… but the backwards tape portion says that Nikki was a girl he used to make his girl jealous… and its his way of begging 4 her forgiveness. The meaning of When Doves Cry remains the same. I Would Die 4 U is Prince trying to win his girl back, stating the obvious. Baby I’m A Star could be the continuation of that (as intended) to win her back still… or it could b his way of saying that she made the right choice by coming back 2 him. What throws me 4 a loop is Purple Rain itself. Based on the sadness I hear in the song, Prince doesn’t get the girl in the end. The “sing-along” chorus had my heart quaking with sadness because it sounds like Prince is heartbroken over losing his girl… I definitely found Prince’s heart in the album now, I’m sure of it. I think that’s why the movie came on last night, so I could find it. Prince probably wanted that for me.

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