his Greatness works in mysterious ways

With that said, I almost feel like I think of Prince as “God” or something… like with him, everything happens 4 a reason and there’s a method to his supposed “madness”.

Take my dream patterns 4 example. I’ve only dreamt about him twice and usually, I only dream about him when I’m not thinking about dreaming about him. The first dream came about when I was watching videos of him from 98-99, the latter years of O(+>’s era. He reached out to me in the dream, saying that his songs always come from his heart and that seperated him from other artists. It seemed that he was rewarding me for checking him out and not thinking too much about the consequences (good and bad) that would come of my “digging”. Something else also happened after I had that dream.

I found the courage to pick up TGE again and really listen 2 it. The dream was his way of saying “try to find my heart within the music and you’ll enjoy it a lot more.” That’s when I came up with the whole analysis of which songs are more his style and more O(+>’s style. I’ve long since been able to combine the two persona into one person named Prince. TGE sounds so different that it doesn’t even sound like a Prince album. It’s so special and unique. And I think along the way, he’s tried to help me see the light shining within the album. A week ago tonight, I listened 2 it because I felt him trying to drag me back to it, 2 look for one of the true meanings behind it. He reached out 2 me as a friend, taking me on his journey with him, sharing with me different stories of his past and also helping me see more into my soul. “Dolphin” was the song that really connected us in the album and approriately, it was at the middle of the album. I’d divide the album into a few categories, him trying to get me to trust him, him entertaining me with stories of his past and him trying to teach me lessons in life and about myself.

The dream I had led me to love TGE as my favorite album… I felt that Prince wanted that 4 me and was the whole reason why I was fated 2 find it as easily as I did. This can only mean that in the future, it will help get me through some tough times.

In the dream I had recently, where he’s very distant and merely an observer, that probably has a reason behind it as well. He wants to stay out of my mind so I can concentrate on my studies in the last 2.5 weeks I have of school. I needed to keep myself grounded and he’s going to help me do that by taking a back seat. Obviously, that means I’ll have to listen 2 3121 & Musicology instead of PR & TGE (those albums tend to drive me insane cuz they’re so addctive).

And Musicology hasn’t been getting any love lately, so maybe I should play that again.

It’s strange, though. Purple Rain happens 2 be on TV last night… so the guy’s obviously trying to mess with me by giving me mixed signals… nah, there’s a logical explanation 4 everything when it comes 2 him. I think he wanted me to 2 find his heart within the songs of the soundtrack cuz I kept saying I don’t feel him trying to make a personal connection with me thru the album… he accomplished his goal and I know more about him because of it…

Earlier today, I had PR playing in my head and now, I’m still in the mood to stay with 80’s Prince (made infamous 2 me thru songs like Little Red Corvette, When Doves Cry and 1999). I feel like I need 2 spend more time with him to figure out what he’s really like. As much as I enjoy getting 2 know O(+> and Prince @ present, I feel the need 2 go back into the past and try to find his heart within the music.

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