Blank-Slate Syndrome & Musicology Revisited

This is something I’ve encountered extremely commonly since getting my first Prince albums.

This usually happens on Saturdays, but some days, I wake up without a Prince song in my head. I just go about my business on the boards, but nothing really happens. When nothing really happens, I feel like my mind’s a blank slate, leaving room for whatever I welcome to it.

Meaning that I can play w/e Prince album I want w/o worrying about any loose ends… hopefully this means I’ll be able to check into Musicology tonight and enjoy it the way I did the last time I heard it, almost a month ago.

Just listened to it.

Finally… I was beginning to think that I wouldn’t get myself motivated enough to pick it up.

And I was sure glad that I did. I guess when I was really getting into it, I decided to put it down for a while becuase I was afraid if I listened to it too much, I’d get tired of it…

Musicology itself is a good starting track. I never noticed how much of Prince’s personality leaks through it. The portion after “don’t touch my stereo, they’re my records” just made me laugh… I had no idea how much of himself he put into it. It might have been becuz it was the first time I really listened to it thru my headphones w/o distraction.

The tracks don’t really show a progression or journey like TGE or PR, but it’s arrangement works so well.

It feels more raw and heartfelt than 3121, which sometimes sounds like plastic compared to Musicology… it gets a little weaker after “What do you want me 2 do, girl”, though. the next two tracks are good and everything, but I really don’t get the significance of how they connect and such. Why did Prince wrote them? Were they based on personal experiences? Or were they about life lessons? Something that Prince wanted to teach? Or was it to show what songs in his “old days” were about? So many questions surround those two tracks and I can’t wait to find the answers to them.

I gave “On the Couch” one last listen… sorry Prince, it just doesn’t work for me.

I really felt like Prince poured himself into this album. It’s quite a bit more obvious than in 3121. He was really being himself and I felt I got to know more about his personality while listening to it. “Musicology” is pretty revealing when he starts on that tangent 1/2 thru that starts with “don’t touch my stereo”.
ICP&C is where he’s storytelling (and he does that with a few other tracks).
A Million Days, I like to compare with ‘The Beautiful Ones’ because of the Passion he shows in the last minute of it. It definitely came from the heart… and I love when he does that with a song.
Life O’ The Time, hasn’t been getting much love here. I understand why. It’s kinda blah compared to some of the other tracks (but its more tolerable than “on the couch”)… I think it’s a bit revealing too because Prince is always trying to get people excited when he performs.
Call My Name is not one of his better love ballads, I find it a little weak, but I still like it because it’s very heartfelt. You can definitely tell that he wrote it with a special girl in mind (the question is who).
Cinnamon Girl is hands-down one of the best on here. Prince is playing “storyteller” again, but there’s also many great instrumentals on this song… not to mention its great to sing/dance to.
In “What do U want me do”, simplicity was the key. It’s jazzy and laidback… like elevator music but 1000x better… haha. I wonder, though, was it based on something that happened to him? It kinda sounds like it was…
Reflection is also great in simplicity, just a little bit of drumming, flute and a lone guitar. It ties the album together so well. and it even connects a little with Musicology’s message.

Wow… after listening to it, I’m really curious about how Prince came up with these songs. What inspired him to write them? This album has so much personality to it that I’m just in awe of it right now.

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