Opposite of Blank-Slate Syndrome

This is one thing I’ve gotten pretty used since I started following Prince: once you start listening to his music, it almost never leaves you alone. I pretty much hear it in my head wherever I go and half the time, I wish I had my CD player with me.

I woke up this morning a couple of times (once at 9, then at 10, then at 11) and as I tried going back to sleep, I’d drift in and out of different songs. Te Amo Corazon came up quite a few times, along with Lolita and maybe a few others from 3121 that I forgot. Musicology generally doesn’t stick with me very well, but I like it for that reason. It’s less addictive and it lets me go about my business… at the same time, I think that’s what make it hard to get back to.

Sometimes when I read through the boards, people make topics about particular songs. This morning, Diamonds & Pearls, came up… and now it’s running in my head with no sense of direction really. But I get the feeling that Prince goes through this all the time. He hears music all the time and that’s why he writes so much. It really must have been difficult for him from 93-95 with all of those songs buzzing through his head and he couldn’t finish them and move onto the next project the way he had in the past.

At times, I think that I need more of his music to go along with whatever mood I’m in, but other times, I’m comfortable with the four albums I have because I can still learn about them without really much friction between them. I just listen to whatever one comes to mind (or my head in music form) and stick with that for the remainder of the day. I know from experience (a mistake I made a month ago) that I can’t mix & match albums on the same day unless they somehow relate to one another.  So far, I’ve had no problem with that. Hopefully I’ll be able to keep things together this week and the next, my last of the semester.

It’s the most insane thing when it comes to Prince’s music. Whenever my mind starts going on a particular tangent, it stays in that era until something else comes to mind. I checked in a few videos from Grafitti Bridge after watching “Theives in the Temple”. I haven’t seen the movie, but the videos sure were cool. I love the song ‘Theives in the Temple’, but I feel so bad for Prince at the end. He sounds destroyed over the relationship and such… he sure has a way of making me feel what he’s feeling when he’s singing about something more dramatic.

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