Possible Summer Plans

I’ve got no idea what’s going to happen this summer.
The one thing I do know is that I’m going to buy SO MUCH Prince music that it’d be enough to give a “non-fan” a heart attack.
I know which albums I want. The key is finding them. And with my 21st bday coming up (in 3 months and 5 days), I’m likely to get a good jumpstart on my collection with all of the money or w/e coming in. I only hope that I don’t get too ahead of myself. Luckily, though, I learned my lesson the first time and have to listen to “the voice in my head” regarding which songs/album I listen to.
I’ve got Computer Blue playing in my head for no apparent reason. I was thinking about the movie earlier. If I come into more money, would I buy the movie next time I see it, or will I get it as a bday gift? I think it’s better to wait cuz that’s $26.99 I’ll be saving to buy 2 albums at most. I’ll have to see FYE’s selection again to be sure.
What I don’t know is how I’ll be allowed to spend the summer. My parents have threatened me every summer (you’re going to get a summer job), so far, nothing as of yet. But this summer is likely to be different, meaning I’ll have less time for Prince. Not that it’s too bad. I indulge him in several hours every day, it might be good to have a break. I’ll definitely have to see what happens, though.

Haha… I think it’s probably the stress of getting thru the last week of the semester… but I really haven’t been very kind to Prince in my posting lately. I dunno why… it just happens. I’ve suddenly started becoming brutually honest with him in what I do/don’t like about his methods… I used to respect his choices, so why should I complain? I’ve got no idea, I just hope that I can put a leash on myself b4 doing any serious damage. Hopefully this week isn’t the time Prince just happens to check what the people are writing about him on the boards…

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