Less than a week left

Not entirely Prince related, but I’m bored. I’m currently working on my last paper of the year in my writing class. Thanks to Prince, I aced my last paper and if I do well on this, I just might ace the class. And have a shot at another semester of straight A’s (I’ve only had the one and that was last semester).
Sure, I don’t consider myself a straight A student. I never did. My dad wants me to be a straight A student, but sometimes it can’t be helped. Distractions happen or the material is just too difficult. Then again, I found Calculus and Organic Chemistry lab to be difficult and I end up acing them. Mind you, my perfect attendence and the fact I had to do all the work for the “projects” in Calculus gave me that A. Chem lab will remain a mystery to me, since my labs could only add up to a B-. Maybe my professor just believed I got the overall concept and gave me the A anyway. I don’t want to question that, but last semester was so difficult that I couldn’t be more grateful for the straight A’s.
I don’t think my dad was a straight A student either, but since he was the only one of my parents who went to college, he wants me to be at my very best. Getting straight A’s could mean something huge… quite possibly a huge celebration for my 21st bday and several Prince albums as gifts. It’d be something if he was touring on the East Coat, that could have been in my future this summer.
It’s strange, though. I usually end up doing well in my most difficult classes. More often than not, I end up acing them. In my writing class, I really have been pushed to my limits, especially for the last few papers. Each project has gotten more difficult, which means I could only be getting better at writing… and that could very well be the reason I end up with an A for the course. Since I started college, I’ve had a pattern going for me. Each fall semester, I’d take 18 credits and do extremely well. Each spring semester, I take 16, and don’t do quite as well grade-wise.
I place the blame for the last spring semester on my PS2 and my discovery of the animé series, InuYasha. Distractions, distractions. If not for that, I think I would have gotten 1 B instead of 2.
Prince has distracted me quite a bit, especially after I’ve gotten his albums. I only want to spend my time listening to him and you can’t really study with Prince whispering in your ear. Thanks to him, I have to ace my 2 final exams to ensure my A’s in those two courses. There is, however, a flip side. He’s helped me a great deal in my writing class, helping to press me to be my best and the way I see his songs really helped me pull my last essay together. And he’s overall helped my artistic side quite a bit. I’ll have to see how everything plays out, but it’ll be a madhouse (in a good way) if he’s ultimately the reason I end up with straight A’s.

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