Finally Done…

Man, my computer sux.

Anyway, I’m back home and I’m free to listen to whatever Prince albums I want now.

My dad let me play Purple Rain in his car on our drive back. It took me 3 songs to get into it, though. I guess I heard “Let’s Go Crazy” one time too many. I spent somebody an email about it, so I’ll just copy/paste what I wrote.

The Beautiful Ones, Computer Blue and Darling Nikki were the most fun to listen to.
Also Baby I’m A Star cuz it’s been quite a while since I’ve listened to it.
As for Purple Rain itself, I’ll have to give it a rest just cuz I’ve played it a bunch of times this week already. But I did find its “silver lining”. I always found it a little sad based on the story and Prince’s tone… but I think I found a happier interpretation of it. And it kinda goes hand in hand with “Let’s Go Crazy.”

PR seems to say that Prince wishes us all to go to Heaven where it rains purple… and even though his “friendship had to end”, he’s not going to mope about it. He’s going to do something more valuable with his time… and I think it also coincides with the reason he writes music. He writes it to enlighten and enrich other people’s lives (as well as go thru his life’s journey).

It’s definitely good to see a bright side to Purple Rain. It seems a little ironic that Prince would play it so much and it was a sad song. His material is usually on the happier side cuz he feels that music should rise us up and there’s enough going on in the world to tear us down. Yeah, I know people expect him to play it, but that’s not the reason he does play it. He plays it cuz he feels he has to for his own purposes.

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