Two more albums!!

I’ll keep you guys in suspense for a little while.
I gotta write down what I got out of Purple Rain last night. I laid on my back with my headphones on, like I did with TGE. To totally soak it in. It was definitely a thrilling ride full of ups and downs. But it’s strange. I’ll give you the play-by-play from my notebook. I now have a notebook that I’ll fill with translations of Prince’s work.

From what I can tell, it’s not as tight as I thought it was. It sounds like there are two audiences he wants to address, his love interest and his listeners.
Let’s Go Crazy: about enjoying life while you have it (nothing new)
Take me with u: feels like something I could sing to him (I feel the same about Te Amo Corazon), that was kinda neat.
TB1’s: Prince realizes that beautiful souls are more imporant thatn outer beauty. The true meaning of the song lies in the spoken portion. I kinda tuned out during the first 2 verses, which are towards his love interest
Computer Blue: Prince beings a search here, for what I’m not sure of. The contents suggest that it should be b4 the TB1’s, cuz he’s looking for a lost love here. Maybe his pleas from TB1’s came too late?
Darling Nikki: this is how Prince used 2b, maybe it was his imagination running away with him. Made me think of in the Chris Rock interview, when his mom taught the birds & the bees by giving him Playboys… The backwards tape sounds like an apology for going back to his old ways and he’ll try to do better.
Doves: apology: seems only relevent to the movie, not much else. It sounds like he’s still searching here, during the instrumental break
I Would Die 4 U: It’s misleading, Prince= God (no wonder his fans worship him).
Baby I’m a Star: to his fans, an egotistical approach, him bragging and such (I feel its inaccurate, he doesn’t like being all about the ego).

Purple Rain: The end of his search. the first 2 verses to his love interst- heartfelt apology for his behavior in the previous tracks (CB & DN). While listening to the instrumentals, it sounded like he was saying “Maybe U live to see the dawn”… maybe that’s what PR is all about…

Oh yeah and at FYE, I got
Come (9.99)
Around the World in a Day ($7.99 USED)

And I’ll keep you posted on how I like them.

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