Personal connection

I cannot stress enough how important that is. It’s a quality in Prince’s work that I don’t find in anyone else’s and I always look for it.

There are two kinds, though.
The first kind is the most common. Me getting into Prince’s mind. That’s what I’m basing some of my “must haves” on. ATWIAD did just that. That’s why I felt the same about TGE when I listened to it recently.

The 2nd kind is when Prince connects to my heart or soul through his work.
Last night, he did that with Gold as he always has. I carry the song with me as my soul tattoo and I feel like its his way of saying that he’s always going to be with me when I need. A lot of people don’t get the song, but I think its because Prince didn’t reach out to them the same way he does when I listen to it.

I want to listen to ATWIAD a lot more, but Come is nipping at my heels. I can’t let it gather dust. I’m so curious about it. But I guess it depends on the experience I want. Do I want to chill with Prince? Or do I want to get more into his head and figure out what he’s feeling?

I’ll find out when I pick one of them up later today.

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