ATWIAD and a little tragedy

Here are my latest thoughts on ATWIAD.

Title Track: sounded so much sweeter this time around. It stuck in my head for a longer time. The first 2 tracks encompass what the album’s about (at least what I thought it was about b4 getting it).
Lengthy intro of “Condition of the Heart” is a transition from the alternate reality of the 1st 2 tracks into a personal and real place for Prince. Its pretty sad for him.
Raspberry Beret ends the “carefree” half of the album and starts the subplot starring “ego-tripping Prince” :giggle:
It starts with Tambourine. It and “America” are Prince saying what he wants about whatever. “America” was more memorable this time cuz it kept echoing my head. It reminds me of PR’s material… and melody sounds like it was borrowed from “sex shooter”. I have a little nit-pick, Prince, cuz you make the state of the nation sound depressing or not good…
Pop Life: (the progression of tracks 5-6-7 is incredible) I feel like it hits home for me, that’s why I’m so crazy about it. I love the back vocals.
The Ladder: holds a lot of mystery, I’m not quite sure what its about yet. It end the album as well as Temptation could. But it seems to carry the same message as PR & Gold, but with diff. words.
Temptation: rebellious Prince @ best. I love the last 3 minutes. It continues from Tambourine’s state of mind for me. Makes me laugh when he’s screaming. An outlier, but it still fits cuz its Prince thinking he can get away with anything. But his conscience is trying to limit him here. Its quite the interesting phenomenon, definitely worth looking it.

And the tragedy. B4hand, I had Life O’ the party and A Million Days in my head. So I played LOTP then A Million Days… but then… :whines: my CD started skipping on A Million Days and its my favorite track. It was breaking my heart. “How can this be? I don’t even play Musicology” all that much. I got thru the song and checked the back. There were a couple of scratches on it… I played it again after ATWIAD and it went perfectly… I couldn’t take it if I was unable to play that song. I rarely even pick up Musicology anymore and half the time, its to play that song.

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