A Realization: about Prince & myself

I feel like ever since I got back to Prince, I’ve difficulty coming back to the state of mind I was in before. It’s depressed me a little.
I came back from “Spider-Man 3” yesterday and Kiss was on the radio, the first Prince song I’ve heard in days.
Then last night, I came up with this.

Prince and I have a lot more in common than I initially realized. I feel like he’s already taught me so much and here are a few of them:
o He writes music for the reason I write poetry, to convert our feelings about something into something more tangible. To get more of a handle of what a certain person or experience means to us. That’s the reason why musicians write music in the first place.
o He grows with each experience and moves onto the next. I’ve found difficulty going backwards for that same reason. My tastes mature as I mature. Like with Jesse McCartney. I barely listen to his first album anymore because it meant something to me at a certain time and place and that time has passed. I can relate a lot more to his more recent material because when he co-wrote it, he’s closer to the age I am.
o Prince and I both put ourselves in our work. He puts his views & experiences in his work. I do the same with my fiction. There’s a little bit of me and what I was going through at that particular time in it. I write poetry to get something off my chest and express my feelings better. Prince writes his songs for the same reason.
It’s amazing how I suddenly thought all this up. It would be kinda stupid to think that he’s the only person who does this. It’s within all of us and I guess it just took him as a strong example to realize it. This whole thing somehow makes him seem a little more “human” and I can relate him a lot more.

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