Prince’s true genius lies in editing

Forgive the title… it’s not quite what I was going for.

Anyway, thanx 2 “you know who ur.”

I’ve recently heard the extended versions of some of the Purple Rain tracks and I gotta say that I’m absolutely impressed.
Prince has an incredible talent with songwriting. Hearing the extended versions of TB1’s and Darling Nikki helps put things in perspective for me.
I’m so glad I finally got to hear the extended (well, 11 min) version of “Computer Blue”. It is incredible… but it’ll just make the song that much more addictive. Lisa & Wendy did such a great job as well… just blew me away. It was everything I thought it would be… even better.
And “Father’s Song”, I kinda wish was longer, but it’s too special to really extend too much. Just beautiful.

I just gotta say “wow”… Prince really is the musical genius I thought he was… I guess I grow so accustomed to it that I tend to forgot how much of one he is.

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