Prince… need I say more…

I dunno, I didn’t feel like coming up with a more adequate title.

A lot of things are up in the air right now. I’ve got this whole duel going on about Come vs. TGE. I feel like more and more, I’ve been tearing down my favorite album to make way for a new one. I know I’m gonna be changing my mind a lot about those two. How dare I turn my back on an old favorite? Maybe because along the way, I’ve convinced myself that it was just because of what I went thru to understand it. I marvel at O(+>’s work and it was unlike anything I’ve ever heard before. Not even from Prince himself.

Come, I think, I just let grow on me and I just fell in love with it. I’ll have to see where it takes me. I”m not completely sure right now. It’s not “wow”, but it’s a good album to cozy up with. Just let wash over you.

This week, I”m gonna try to go thru my albums one by one. Listen to each of them and then listen to the outtakes/extended versions that people from the boards were kind enough to send me. I’ll try, though, to get to the outtakes and save the extended versions for later… I tend to get wrapped up in the familiar. I still have loads of files left to play for the first time.

The difficult part will be tearing myself away from the full version of Computer Blue. I think it’s just amazing… things were going so well for Prince & his 2 partners that he couldn’t stop lengthening it… too bad PR had 2b edited so it could fit on vinyl (I don’t think CD’s would have had a problem holding it).

I’ve woken up the past 2 mornings with “Dolphin” playing in my head. The past few times I’ve listened 2 TGE, I’ve yet to do so w/o an “incident” that ruins my train of thought. It’s an album I want to get really lost in, but with distractions, it’s hard for me to do.

I got lost in PR  yesterday… which is incredible becuz I haven’t done so in a while. I started to get a feel for what Prince was like, the mood he was in when he recorded them and I get more of a feel of what they’re supposed to be about based on what they make me feel. Computer Blue will never sound the same to me again cuz it’s much better in length (but that makes it twice as potent).

Regarding “Dolphin”, though, after listening 2 it b4 PR last night, I think Prince really let himself get lost in the music when he wrote it. It just flows so well that I think he could say “the song wrote itself.”

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