3121 revisited

mmm… It feels like an eternity has passed since I last gave this album a listen. But when you’re in a sea of Prince, it’s easy to overlook ones that don’t leave much of an impact.

I picked it up cuz I had the songs in my head. It was a year ago today that Prince appeared on American Idol unexpectedly. I doubt he’ll repeat tonight, but it was incredible when it was happening. I was singing Lolita… then I got to Te Amo Corazon, Love, 3121, and The Dance… so I decided to pick the album up and give it a listen. It doesn’t sound as modern as I figured it would be.

But compared to his older material, it just pales in comparsion. And I thought it was so impressive the first time. The truth is that it’s kinda weak compared to his older material. Since having that 1st dream about Prince, I’ve looked for his heart within the music. I wasn’t feeling that today. 3121 feels more robotic and synthetic. There was nothing organic about it. The title track was definitely good… Lolita was fun. Te Amo Corazon started to weave a spell over me… and it kept building up from there. I was taken in by the time Black Sweat came on. Love, I didnt get into much.

The Word was the one I was most impressed with. It’s one of those special songs where u can just picture Prince in the studio, putting everything together. It’s like “Dolphin,” because it feels like Prince was really feeling the song. The music was flowing through him and it practically wrote itself. It shows how close he is to the music.

Then a line from the next song caught my ear “if I were to ever write down my life’s story, I can truly say with all the fame & glory. I was just a piece of clay in the need of a potter’s hand, and then you whispered in my ear the words I so now understand.” That sounds like Prince talking about his gift of music, how he hears the sounds in his head and God helps him make sense out of them… that’s how close he is to the music.

The Dance was great as always… I wouldn’t say it “wrote itself,” but Prince just made it work so well. The last song was good, but left me wanting more.

It’s kinda hard to find Prince’s heart within the album, but it does show that he’s very close to the music.

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