Back in the game…

I think I’ve pretty much recovered from what the hell it is that I just went through this past week.

But a few listens 2 “Come” definitely helped me out of the funk I was in.

I checked into some songs from ’82/’83 and really got into them. ‘Do yourself a favor’ and ‘Moonbeam levels’ were 2 of my favorites… incredible stuff u got there, Prince.

I think I did feel a little out-of-synch with ATWIAD last night. I didn’t really get into the album until Tambourine… and Pop Life, as usual, was the highlight of my time with the Prince of  ’85. I’ve heard 3 versions of that song and love them all… I don’t think I could pick one I liked the best.

I hope to check back into TGE one of these days and Musicology’s just been begging for me to give it another listen. The only thing holding me back is probably my fear of more skipping occurring. ‘A Million Days,’ my favorite track, had some issues the last time I listened 2 it, so hopefully everything’ll be fine when I get back to it.

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