Why should I have to explain?

I went through a temporary funk yesterday because of the way my mom causually brings up Prince with pure saracasm… as if she doesn’t take him seriously.

Honestly, are Prince fans a minority? I wish this weren’t true. But I would never go as far to say “I wish Prince was normal so people would understand him and not judge me for liking him”… Prince being unique makes him an individual, he makes the idea even more appealing. I think what I really hope to gain from his music is more confidence in myself as an individual… he dares everyone to be different. He’s famous for being different, but not always for the right reason.

I just feel that I shouldn’t have to explain myself or my reasons for liking Prince. I want people to understand that I like him for more than his talent or his good looks (I call that merely a coincidence). Not just because he’s the lastest thing I’m into. Prince is not a fad or a stage I’m going through… this is real and I’ve become a new person thanks to him. And frankly, I’m happier and I feel like a better person because of his influence. I’d rather not go through the trouble to explain. Prince is a person where you either have the taste for him or you don’t… it’s a predisposition you have. I respected him from the start and that’s carried me a long way. So I should just say “screw you, haters! I like Prince and nothing you say can change that.” If anything, Prince himself will be the only reason I keep liking him or stop liking him. Or just the way I perceive his material. I like seeing it as poetry and never judge him for thinking the way he does. He’s a heck of a lot braver than I am, and I give him so much credit for that. He’s ensured the fact I am an individual, the key is becoming comfortable with that regardless of the thoughts of the third party.

I think it’s also been a while since I”ve had a major fix. I went through the gifts an anonymous donor gave me (thanx again), going through “moonbeam levels”, “all day, all night”, “computer blue (extended)”, “climax” and “The beautiful ones”… by the time I got to the last song, I realized “who cares what everyone else thinks”… the past 1/2 hour was awesome and I enjoyed every minute of it. I don’t get that feeling very much anymore, but having the extended versions of the Purple Rain tracks on my computer kinda ruins the album for me. Next time I listen to it is after I get the movie for my birthday.

I gotta figure out where I want to go next. 1999 definitely has to be one of the albums I get because it’s pure 80’s. I don’t know really where to go from there, though… but with Prince, I’ll figure something out.

What I am glad about is that we’re back on the same wavelength again. I listened to “The beautiful ones” and it all came together again. And I really did miss being in that good place with him. Maybe I should just play TGE again to get back in touch with my friend.

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