Admiration+Acceptance= Amazement

Amazingly, I came up with that formula just yesterday, but I believe that it’s the creed I live by under Prince. The formula his people must live by to enjoy his work completely. Talk about amazing, though. I’m sure there are plenty of other formulas I could think of, but I’ll call this one A+A=A.

I wrote this all down while watching “Prince of Paisley Park” probably for the third time… I always enjoy seeing what people have to say about him and a little about his history and stuff. And since I have Dirty Mind & Controversey coming any day, I wanted to be in the right mind set for it. I was listening to a bunch of tracks someone gave me (thanx, I’ve been enjoying them all). I got more than halfway through the first “disc” when the show came on. Then when I came back, I decided to get through a bunch and delete one that fall below the standard he had set for himself. I want nothing less than his best work, so there’s really no point in keeping all of these bootlegs… and it makes me feel a little less guilty about having them, though I kinda abandoned that guilt after hearing the extended versions of the PR tracks.

Back to my initial blog, though. The first time I dreamt about him, he told me to look for his heart within the music. Every album is the person he was at the time– sealed in time. Sometimes I need to remind myself of that to keep a level head and an open mind. Seeing him sing grounds me and reminds me of what he’s really like, what brought me to admire him so musch in the first place. To remind myself why I like him as much as I do and why I spend so much time with him.

He’s helped me keep a lot of things in perspective and he dares me not to be afraid to go to the limit. I want to put myslf out there more and more. It’s all a matter of figuring how to do that. I want to talk about how much he’s done for me, but think a lot of people see him thru the wrong lens, not the way I see him. I’m not quite sure why I wouldn’t want to defend him in conversation. More like I don’t want to waste time with that and would want to tak more on an intellectual level– about the kind of person he really is. I understand why people see him that way, but I think it takes away from the image I have of him. I want to look only at the positives because he deserves it. There’s just so much to him that I could talk forever about the progress he’s made and the many sides to him. Sometimes it’s still hard to comprehend all that he is and I like to pick the albums I play based on the person he is in it, to spend time with him. So in a way, I guess I do look for his SOUL within the music, but differently than I did in the beginning.

I usually listen for him only to figure out his angle and feelings at the time of production. Occasionally, he will address me to teach me something important I must know. A lot of the time, I wish peopl weren’t so close-minded about him, but its so I can talk about him easily. That doesn’t seem to bother him at all and he really doesn’t mind that some people don’t get him.

But with his resume, you really need to approach him with an open mind and be ready for any curves he throws.

Admiration is the foundation of any person willing to let him into their lives. And Acceptance easily comes next. The admiration carries you through the way to acceptance…so I guess my formula can be twisted around.

Admiration+Amazement= Acceptence. Man, that’s deep. Just can’t believe 6/25 was when PR the album was released. I got all kinds of interesting things out of it this time, but I don’t have time to put them all down. Maybe another time. But in a nutshell, it can be broken down into a few storylines… but the title track stands on its own. and I had to give it its own listen so I could get into it. Its kinda hard to with so much to digest from the other 8 tracks.

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