Back after a long break… sort of

Hopefully this reaches all of the people from who’ve become my 1000 new best friends…

Yeah, I’ve been offline because our computer kinda blew and I’ve been noted the cause of it. Actually, Prince is getting a share of the blame for this, but I still believe he was innocent. If anything, the gift I got from one of the members or the picture threads threw the computer into a seizure or whatever you wanna call it.

Things have been kinda weird since I’ve been off the site. I’ve had to rediscover Prince on my own, define my own opinions without any influence.
Right now, I’m just stuck in Dirty Mind-1999 age. I love the albums, but it makes me wonder if I’ll ever get away from them and return to O(+> thru O(+> and Rave un2 the Joy Fantastic.
I think that I’ve developed a false image of Prince while listening the albums in question (and Under the Cherry Moon, which I’m in love with currenlty). I saw Purple Rain for the first time in forever and it was like he was a complete stranger to me. I couldn’t recognize him. I simply forgot what he’s really like, elusive and reserved (as geniuses typically are).

Anyway, a note to anyone from which might read this, if you ever want to get in touch with me, email me at I promise that I’ll return to the boards when I get back to college. What a price that is to pay to rejoin you guys… but it’ll be worth it. And on the bright side, I’ll have plenty of stories to share with you guys of the latest ventures in my journey with Prince as my guide.

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