O(+>- the album

Pretty unusual. I think this is probably the first album I listened to where I was kinda divided on my thoughts. There was a decent share of both good and bad elements in it, but I want nothing more than to look more into the good things to level out the bad.

The main thing I took away from this is that I prefer The Revolution to the NPG, no questions asked. It’s mostly Prince’s doing I’m sure, but I don’t buy into the whole “gangsta rap” image he did in the first two tracks. They both had good beats to them, but I just don’t get into that genre at all when it comes in. Blah, kinda leaves a bad taste in my mouth… of course hearing him mutter MF nearly 100x in the second track is enough to drive me up the wall a bit.

But there were some elements that I really bonded to and liked. Most came from tracks I’ve heard before, but who am I to see that as a bad thing? My mind’s been going nuts lately cuz I’m half convinced I’ve been driven into a kind of depression with the conflicts between Christopher Tracy and Prince in “Purple Rain”. I’m relucant to go back to either of them at this point, but if anything, I’ll go back to Chris sooner than later and when I’m really in the mood to go back to Purple Rain, I’ll have the movie when I want to.

My favorite tracks were Morning Papers, Blue Light, God created woman, 7, Damn u (and a couple of others I forget the names of). I have heard them before and I was actually looking forward to hearing “7” above them all. It was basically my reintroduction to his cryptic lyrics… they go above my head these days, but I like nothing more than a puzzle he leaves me to solve.

I’m overall divided over the album. I like some and dislike some. And again, it was another lengthy album I really wasn’t expecting. I really ought to check out the length of the albums before I play them… cuz I find when I don’t, my attention span shortens extremely. I had that problem with 1999… but there were some elements in O(+> that I really liked a lot and reminded me of what I did see in Prince before I lost track of what he was like.

I’ve thought over and over about putting myself in Prince rehab and go cold turkey on him… but that would probably leave me in an even worse position. I feel like I don’t know him that well anymore, but I should really get to know his music before I get to know him. But with some of the elements in the album, I could see the musical genius I knew him to be… so hopefully I’ll see more to like about it and my mind will get back to a good place where I trust Prince completely… I feel like I kinda lost that after a while, but part of me still reacts to his music and that’s all the reassurance I need.

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