Boredom & indecision= my greatest enemies

That they are as one of Prince’s “people”…

I get bored pretty easily. I like talking to Prince’s other people, but when I get nothing, it really makes me sick. I’d have plenty of people to talk to on my favorite site, but there’s always that chance that I could blow our new computer. I’d say that computers are too sensitive to the kinds of things I do. I easily get addicted to it. That did become a problem when I didnt go a day without going on several times. I hate being away… but I guess I could blame the many picture threads I checked out. They overloaded the computer’s machinery and so it became computer blue. At least on the site, I’d have plenty of people to talk to.

I’ve figured the error of my ways. I’ve lost touch with Prince lately, but it was because I long for other things. I’ve been stick in the 80’s for so long that I want more. I want to go post SOTT (without actually listening to it, Parade will have to come first before I do so). I checked into UTCM and O(+> yesterday without any issues. I guess because he was in a good place with both of those albums. My indecision comes in where I don’t know if I should tread ahead into O(+>’s territory with Come, TGE & Rave (which I’ve yet to listen to)… or just tough it out with UTCM and get the soundtrack asap.

Of course, I need to get Planet Earth before I return… which will throw even more chaos my way. I’ll have to see the other side of O(+>’s era, where he knows where he is and where he’s going… only problem is I’m afraid the music will sound less good compared to everything before it.

Purple Rain is the issue. I can’t get into the movie and see him perform like there’s no tomorrow. I can only go as far as the music. I want to react to it the way I had in the past, but my heart’s not in the right place right now.

Those who’re curious, I do like O(+>, but the tracklist needs to be tampered with to get the right idea from it. Delete a few here and there, kinda like the way I did with TGE. I doubt that it’ll ever make the top of any of my favorite lists… but it will be on a greater standing that 3121 and Musicology most likely.

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