Spell-binding magic

Prince’s specialty, to say the least. On top of his music and his stage presence, that’s the one thing I think that made me go for him the way I have. So much has changed in 6 months, but it feels so great to know he can still make me feel the way I did last night.

I took a chance and watched Purple Rain cuz I was in the mood for it or whatever….

fell head over heels like I was seeing it for the first time. Except I know pretty much all the dialogue by heart. Everything about it just hit so right. Irony is that the movie’s on VH1Classic again tomorrrow night… I used to leave things in “fate’s hands” when it comes to Prince, but I think that’s just a little much. I own the movie now so I really don’t need to see it on TV… but the time I did catch it on that channel, they really took care of it and didn’t cut anything out (except for the language and the sex scene, of course).

I was watching something after the movie and then I checked out the DVD extras, videos really… I got back to Prince’s music and it just took me over the way it always did.
It’s fair to say that I’m back in a good place with him. Things were kinda out of synch for a while cuz I saw the movie and barely recognized him. I knew fully well who he was and what his music was capable.

Which kinda leaves me with a problem, haha… who do I prefer, him or Christopher Tracy? Very tough call cuz they both have awesome qualities. Chris I guess is more relaxed and happy-go-lucky, so it’s easy to like him, I guess. But its good to renew those feelings for Prince every once in a while.

I’ll have to see what my next move is. I just might go backwards over Dirty Mind-1999 again… but Purple Rain’s music just killed last night.
Not sure if I’ll watch it on VH1 again cuz the commercials snap me out of that world and I’d rather drown myself in it than have to come up for air every 15 minutes. Just emphasizes the fact that he’s spell-bound me from the first time I saw him and after all this time, that hasn’t changed. Just one of those million things that makes him special.

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