I write this all last night, but yeah, Prince is capable of bringing out this kind of thought in me.

It does feel that way at times, but I have never given myself to Prince completely. I think about him a lot, but many things come to mind whenever he comes up. He spell-binds me more than anything else, which is why it seems like I am a “slave” to him. At times, it even feels that way, but the one thing that keeps me from that is that I only spend a couple of hours a day completely with him. He drifts in and out the rest of the time, but during the 1-2 hours I spend with him a day, I lose myself in him. I gave him the time of day and my mind & soul. It’s almost like reaching into myself to find a level of understanding that few people would give him. I let him tell me what’s what and opens my mind to the possibilities. I can agree and disagree, he would accept either way. As of yet, I haven’t found anything completely my own the way Prince has, but I figure, he came into his own around the age I am now, so it’s only a matter of time before I “see the dawn” as he has.

Possibly, the meaning of life is to reach out to others and help them find the answers within themselves. Not one person can do all that, so we affect all the people who know in one way or another. In some cases, that relationship isn’t mutual, as it is for Prince and his listeners. His purpose wasn’t to reach out to one particular person, but to many people as long as they would accept him in their lives in whatever form he takes. More than one person will eventually lead me to the right destination, but I feel right now that Prince will help me get on the right path. It goes like this:

He writes music from the heart, so my heart & soul react to his music. We connect in such a way that we’re completely truthful with one another. Once the understanding is reached, one teaches lessons to the other. Every song is a part of him, as everything I’ve written was a part of me. Naturally I see him as a role model. In our hearts, we have many things in common. Since we’re always told to follow our hearts, its possible that his is the one that will help mine achieve its answers because he truly knows how things are. A heart works that way, but his is the most easily seen because it shows in his music. That’s why I follow him the way I do, and its never that way for anyone else I know. His music opens doors to many different. I just happen to see it as a guide that will get me on the right path. The heart always knows the right path, so his heart will be the thing to guide mine.

The credit for all of my thoughts/revelations is not completely Prince’s doing. The thoughts were always there. He just has a way of helping me connect the dots and see things from a different perspective.

I’m a bit of’s philosopher, but these kinds of thoughts might be a little deep for the regulars, so I’ll just post it here.

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