Planet Earth- my new favorite?

Yeah, I’m in no ways ready to make sure a decision. It took several listens before I could declare either of my top 2 favorites my favorite (Come & The Gold Experience).

But I completely dig the whole vibe of the album. A lot of people tend to complain that Prince has lost his touch and his music doesn’t sound the same because he leaves out all of the sexyness & dirty-mouthness he’s known for. Sure, there’s nothing on it like Come or Do me Baby… but it sure feels the same in other ways.

I’ve thought a while about making a mix of his songs where he makes the world shrink and it’s just me and him. I’ve found 2 songs from Planet Earth to add to that collection, also my 2 favorites.
Mr. Good-night & All the midnights (if that’s really the name).
I just love the lyric “all around the world they call me Prince, but you can call me Mr. Good-night”. Anything he does when he speaks is just… oh, makes me melt.

Chelsea Rodgers is my least favorite just because it came after the best two tracks…and that whole good feeling is gone. There’s 2 things I hate when it comes to Prince’s albums.
1) when he only does 2 feel-good songs and when momentum’s picking up, he switches things up with a completely different train of thought
2) when guest vocalists hog up his spotlight

But overall, I really do respect what he was trying to do with that. He gets props for the instrumentals alone… not much the lyrics.
This album really does stand a chance against all the ones that came before it. Dare I say it, but it could be better than Musicology… which has been my favorite from his recent material. It eats 3121 for breakfast…
but I think it all came down to his fellow musicians, which made the album awesome. Lisa & Wendy felt like they had a lot of influence on the whole vibe and I’m glad they came back for a ride.

Guitar is a whole lot of fun and really groovy… of course, I had just heard the whole song for the first time. So naturally I go crazy.
Somewhere on Earth is also one of my favorites. Great piano work and its very touching how Prince is trying to appeal to his future soulmate. It’s kinda sad that he still hasn’t found the one.

I feel like he’s in such a good place right now, which makes me happier for him. The only downside is the fear that this could very well be the last album he ever writes. He’s gotten so good, I’d hate for him to call it quits after this. When it comes down to it, this was Prince’s finest hour.

I feel like this album could compete with a lot of his older work. Controversy & ATWIAD, I would fight very hard for because they have that same kind of purpose. He makes you think about certain issues and such, but neither is a super-giant album like, say, Purple Rain, 1999 and TGE. But I feel that Planet Earth is up to their level of greatness…

Part of me still wants to retreat to the past with Dirty Mind & Controversy… but I want to try to stay in the present a little bit longer. I owe Prince that much.

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