Hearing beyond

B4 getting to my title, I just got 3 emails today from fellow Prince listeners. I love getting mail from them. They always seem to know where he’s coming from like I do, and they’re interested in what I have to say. But Prince has that power over me. I fly off at the handle and keep talking until I’ve said everything.

I figured out my title for this entry just now, but its origin rested in last night. It was as random as randomness can be whenever I get into a new facet of Prince’s career (Planet Earth in this case). I listened 2 Free, Automatic, Something in the Water, Computer Blue, When Doves Cry and The Beautiful Ones. The energy from the last just got to me and I slowly started to realize something.

Certain times when I listen to Prince, I forget that he’s the one I’m listening to. I just hear someone bear their soul in a song with beautifully orchestrated music. I can hear and even feel beyond the song and the feeling’s just indescribable. A song’s pretty special when that happens, but I think I am in a pretty good place with Prince right now. I’m pretty much where I was b4 I lost access to Prince.org and a lot of chaos ensued. I can recognize and remember things I saw in him long b4 I knew anything about it.

I plan to move onto his years as O(+> starting tonite with my 3rd listen to O(+>… but I’m tempted to listen thru 1999 and/or Purple Rain to see if the “hearing beyond” happens again. And maybe I’m just inches away from uncovering something else huge.

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