The O(+> album- decisions

After listening thru this album a third time, I took a lot more away from it than I did the past couple of times.
It kinda hurts to do so, but I decided to cut 5 tracks from the line-up. 4 of the cuts will be permanent and I won’t listen to those tracks ever again… unless my curiosity peaks.
While listening to the 4, Prince and I were on the same page. The NPG dominated them… and I don’t like gangsta rap or Prince passing the spotlight to someone else… I don’t know why… its just a pet peeve, I guess. I feel like “Love 2 the 9’s” goes over my head and I can’t understand it and “I wanna melt with you” is a b-side of “Come” that kinda suppresses the limit of how much of that department I can take. Oddly, “come” has all kinds of heh, nastiness… but it’s a bit more personal and I know exactly where he’s coming from.
Then Arrogance & The Flow, are just NPG dominated tracks that I can barely understand… and that’s just not the image I have of Prince. I like to keep my listenable tracks limited to where I can see him within the track and we connect and have an understanding. Which means that “Diamonds & Pearls” could be a problem for me if it has too many NPG/gangsta tracks.

But I found something else, a something extra in the other tracks and that’s what makes the album worth coming back to. It won’t make a good position in the rankings cuz I cut too much out, but it’s supposedly an important album to him cuz it comes right b4 “the death” of “Prince” in the following album. I still gotta wonder why he’d take that route when everything’s going so well for him… it sounds like he’s peaking again with all kinds of new sounds he’s experimenting with.

The last track I might come back 2 every now and then is “3 Chains O’ Gold”. Sure it starts good, but it really sounds like he’s trying too hard here to sound like Queen doing “Bohemian Rhapsody”… its already bad enough I don’t really like that song cuz its played everywhere and everyone knows the words but me… but here Prince is just trying to be someone that he’s not. And I think I’d know what kind of person he is… just way too over the top. “You doesn’t have to try so hard, you know, your listeners still love ur music all the same.”

I’ll check into the abridged version of O(+> I’ve set up and see how it works. It’s down to less than an hour, so I think I can handle it and not lose focus like I did a couple of times last night.

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