O(+> & Come- back2back

I didn’t play Come in its entirity, but so even, I saw a lot of similarites between the two. Race was the first song I played after the “edited” tracklist of the otehr album. jt from the boards told me that Race was originally on the other album so the transition was really smooth. There was just a certain quality I couldn’t put my finger on that said it didn’t belong with O(+>.

I gave “3 chains o’ gold” one last listen… ugh… I just can’t take it. It’s like a foreign tongue to me, completely bizarre… I just can’t click with the Prince behind the song. I doubt seeing the movie with the same title would make any difference on how I feel about it.

I also played “Love 2 the 9’s”, which is really sweet… I just have to stop it after the 2 minute mark cuz it goes downhill after that.
There’s just a lot of beautiful things in the album that sound like TGE material. That song, The Morning Papers, Sweet Baby, Damn U, God Created Women and maybe even 7, could have been on the TGE playlist. Just some incredible things… hopefully Emancipation is chock full of them.
Then there’s stuff like My name is Prince & Sexy MF, which could have belonged on Diamonds & Pearls (well, Gett off, is similar in nature to them with the whole gangsta rap thing).
The Max and Continental could have been on Come as well… there are so many similarities that I’m dying to figure out… part of me, I guess is still afraid of staying in that one area… but ive spent plenty of time with the 80’s and also with the present… O(+> deserves his time of time too. I maybe just don’t like the inner conflicts he suffered through. But I just know that he was at his peak and he was writing music all the time… WB just wouldnt let him do everything he wanted to do.
Maybe there are 100’s, 1000’s of songs in “the vault” that he wrote during this time, but could never realize. There was a lot of good stuff in those 2 albums alone last night… maybe there was the issue he had… there I am, I just answered my own question again.

I’ve got one more week of summer, so I had better make it good.

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