“Dream” Prince makes a reappearance

Ever since I got things sorted out with Prince, both in my mind and soul or whatever u wanna call it, I’ve started to dream again. I hadn’t for such a long time and I couldn’t figure out why.
I figured that once I started dreaming again, I’ll see him again.

I think in this case, he told me some of my innermost desires. Bare with me cuz my memory’s kinda bad. I can’t remember too many details.
A common thing that kept happening was that some guy on a bus had an iPOD and a couple of rows back, Prince was dressed like he was in the “Guitar” commerical with one of the iPOD headphones in his ear. I’d come down the aisle and see him and smile. He’d smile back.
Then at one point, we were on the street. I was looking out and he was behind me, hiding I guess. I said “a lot of people are coming to see u in London.” He then turned me to face him and asked, “U gonna see me in London?” I said, “I wish I could.” The last time I remember seeing him, he had a smile.
Then I think after he left, I kept thinking about. Still on that street, with people walking around, minding their own business. Then I was thinking he said “London” on one of his songs from Planet Earth. Then I think about his song “Mr. Good-night” and how it tempts me to fall in love with him. I then I either imagine making out with him… not sure if I actually do it “with” him… but it kinda says a lot.

Deep down, I love him and want him that way, although I know that I can’t. But when u spend so much time with someone, its kinda hard not to fall for him. But in that dream, he wasn’t being some goofball, he was being himself. Like in the first one… but here, he didn’t give me any word of advice… maybe he just wants to make me aware of those thoughts and not read too much into them.

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