What ‘Slave’ on his face says to me

Writing “Slave” on your face says a lot about who you are. How you feel, and what pressures you’re under. People wonder about your sanity, what’s going through your mind and your reasons for showing off such a word.
Whenever I see a video of any kind where Prince speaks or performs with that on his face, so much goes through my head. It makes me wonder so many things about him. When I saw him sing “Gold” with “Slave” written on his face, I saw things completely differently than I had. The song speaks of hope, to me, but I couldn’t focus on the song. I couldn’t look away from the fact “Slave” was there. It tells me that he’s a prisoner in his own body. It’s not just because of the feud. It had to have been something with himself, within himself.

“Solo” kept coming to mind, so I listened to it with the words in front of me. He sounds like he’s in so much pain and is at such a loss with himself. Whoever he’s speaking of, when they leave, it feels and sounds like he’s wished death upon himself. At the time, he was writing so much music and wanted to record and release it as soon as he could. Like he said in one interview, he was trying to reach a certain destination within himself and only more songs would get him there. But the whole idea possessed him and he became obsessed with writing. Then in the song, he claims he’s so lost that nobody can find him, not even him. It became all he was and he couldn’t even recognize himself anymore. That’s what “Slave” ultimately means. It wasn’t just a shot at his label for preventing him from recording and releasing music. Some of his songs have taken shots at WB for him, but to me, “Slave” resembles the struggle within himself.

Naturally, I listened to “Letitgo” to hear what the last words “Prince” has to speak before he falls into a death of non-existence.
Part of “Slave” could have just been a protest for WB’s refusal to release The Gold Experience when he wanted to, but whenever I see it on his face, it tells me that he’s trapped within himself with no way out but through music itself. Perhaps, he just had to find the right song to free himself from that possession and obsession.
Although I know how this struggle/story turns out, I feel terrible for the things he had to have gone through within himself. I just want to stay with him to make sure that everything does turn out all right. So I want to hear “The Gold Experience” to see if I can figure something else about him and his inner struggle.

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