The Gold Experience re-vamped with new eyes

Boy, it’s hard to seperate oneself from the past. I wonder how Prince was able to do it.
I guess I can kinda blame my dad for it. He was looking at a list online about “best opening lyrics”, #25 outta 25 was “I guess I shoulda known by the way you parked ur car sideways, it wouldn’t last.” He told me that and I said, “Little Red Corvette.” Like how could I not know one of my favorite Prince songs? And those opening lyrics are actually really clever, should have been higher up on the list. Anything’s better than The Rolling Stones taking first place. I hate when they win. (If its any consolation, Prince put on a helluva better HalfTime show than they did!)
So I played the Dance mix of the song… so my mind was kinda in the wrong place.

Maybe I should try mixing it up with tracks from O(+> and Come so I can get my mind in the right place. That always seems to be my problem with TGE.

After hearing the album through for the first time in a very long time (actually, I know the date, it was around Mother’s Day, the following weekend). I needed a little bit of strength then; one of my grandmother’s, my dad’s side had just passed away. I planned to have Come & TGE with me for the drive to the day of the viewing. Of course, I usually have to hear TGE nice and clear, so I had to take it again in my room without any distractions.

It’s difficult to achieve a good experience with TGE a whole lot. Something will happen along the way that’ll throw me off. And “Gold” really hasn’t spoken to me in a long time… but it sounds like
O(+> was onto something huge (now I gotta get used to writing that as his name again, out of respect for the artist who wrote the album).
Ever since Planet Earth (and/or) O(+>, I’ve looked for another quality in his work. And ask myself, “Is he having fun here?” I feel around for it. It’s very obvious that he had a lot of fun with the first two tracks.

P. Control really got me excited, which it hasn’t done in a long time. He had a lot of fun writing this, but it’s one of those mysteries too. Was it a story from his own mind or did he know a girl like that personally? I thought of myself for a second there and laughed. I had seen it from that POV b4, but I don’t think on it too much.
Endorphinmachine, I might have to look into the lyrics more… I feel like there is something there that says a little about what he’s going through with WB and such. The guitar is incredible in this song that it’s just a lot of fun. But, :sigh:, if I had my say, I would want him to change the name of the song. It just strikes the wrong chord with me and I think it’s a bit weak… doesn’t do the track enough justice, or it gives me the wrong impression of it (it reminds me of drugs and needles, I suppose… and I don’t associate myself with either).
Shh was beautiful as always, all of the guitar work he did on it. I had to take it laying down, let it wash over me. But I kept recalling a live performance I saw him do in 2003 and I wanted to keep my mind in 1995 when the album was finally released. I was half-thinking towards the end, “he really goes deep here, he’s done nothing like that before.” Then I remembered, “TGE isn’t about that. Come is more personal and it was where the song was supposed to belong.” It’s a very calm and chill-out track and it goes with the overall vibe of Come. EM was slated for it too, but it would disrupt the flow already started by Come & Space. I could almost feel him next to me and whisper in my ear. Then I open my eyes as the music fades out, and he was gone.

We March, another one of his little ditties about equal rights and such. It kinda goes and kinda doesn’t at the same time. It’s a lesser version of the similar sounding tracks on O(+>, because the NPG isn’t as powerful and dominant. As much as I like the up-beat melody, it was a bit weak. Although at one point when I heard the chorus, I thought he was talking about revolting against record company contracts, until he mentions “racism”, and I’m like, ‘oops, I forgot that’s what the song is about.’ I just might cut this track completely so it won’t disrupt the flow already started by EM’s equalizer, Shh.

The Most Beautiful Girl in the World, absolutely love and prefer the final cut of this song. The music is plain beautiful, no question about it. The cheesy lyrics take a little away from it, though, heh. But I guess when you’re on love, you can’t help being a little cheesy. My favorite part is when he speaks and everything after that. The degrade of music is just beautiful and I love the different voices he uses. The lyrics made it hit a little late for me, I think.
Dolphin, where do I even begin? It definitely is directed at WB and throughout it, I could only feel anger, pain, hostility and resistance. The music is beautiful, yet full of sadness. I remember the video of it where he sits with his band around him, he’s wearing sunglasses and “Slave” is on his face. His soul is so exposed, I felt like I could just touch it. Then at the end, I feel him lay his head back and fall into a dreamless sleep. So many thoughts come to mind that I can’t figure out what else I can really add.

319 completely disrupts the flow, but it’s a peek behind the curtain of Prince in “Pheromone.” He uses the same falsetto and he’s got the same attitude, so I think this could be its b-side, and the girl in question had shot the man in the last scene. I wasn’t so into it this time around. Heh, maybe later when I mix and match albums, I can put Space after Dolphin and then Pheromone and 319 afterwards. That might help a little bit.

Shy, no doubt, he wrote this early on in the project. He had become so wrapped up in his music that he probably hadn’t left his home in weeks or months. Then I can picture him stepping out into the sun and laying on a lounge chair strumming his guitar. Again, I wonder if the girl was real or he made the whole thing up. The song has a certain vibe that separates it from all the others, yet it still kind of fits. Things need to be slowed down and revamped to prepare for the next track.
Billy Jack, the last party track there is on the “experience”. It’s like something out of the Wild West and, is it just me, or does the beginning sound a little like the start of “DMSR”? He sure had a lot of fun doing this for payback against CJ. And I think this is the NPG in their best light.

Eye Hate U, the vibe was totally unbelievable. He totally sucked me in and I felt everything that oozed from his lips. I felt him hurting over the betrayal [of Carmen Electra] during the opening verses, then I could picture him laughing for spite in the courtroom scene. In the big turn-around, I remember Christopher Tracy’s exchange with Mary Sharon. “I hate u. I love you. You don’t love me. Ok, then I hate you. No, you don’t. Then I love you.” The guitar solo capitalized on everything else and the pain and anger he felt stayed with me for a while. I had planned to do so, but I had to get through the segue in between to calm down a little bit and refocus.

Gold, oddly, left me full of questions. The music was familiar, as it had always been. I remembered the video as I listened through it. I heard the lyrics, but couldn’t make any sense of them. I just felt the vibe, trying to figure out what it was trying to tell me about him. The strings that came in the 2nd time he started on “everybody wants to sell what’s already been sold…,” are what initially bound the song to my soul and had me key it my “soul tattoo.” I couldn’t even remember that good feeling for very long because there was something else I wanted to figure out. I think the 3rd time he sung through, I felt like I was hearing it for the first time. Much like TMBGITW a few tracks ago, it hit me a little too late. I listened to the music for the rest of the song and I was trying to figure out what I was supposed to take away from the song. Everytime I’ve heard it, I had something to take away with me that was very important. Then I figured it out.

“He’s still searching.” I said to myself. At this point, he hasn’t really found what he’s looking for yet. I think I lost the whole message of the album along the way, but it really sounds like he was enjoying himself in the music. Just occasionally, he lets on about his inner struggles (Dolphin) and sadness (Eye Hate U), and it gets the better of him (and me, because I see everything he sees and feel everything he feels). I might very well call the album my “soul tattoo” because it fused ’s mind and mine together. Either that or that’s what I’m looking for in his music right now. But in many instances, our minds and souls became one and I could only see things the way he did. I didn’t have any thoughts of my own. Something about “Gold” saddened me a little because it doesn’t sound like he’s gotten to his destination yet. And maybe that’s what he means by “all that glitters ain’t gold.” Not every song he writes will keep him on the right track and even though one looks promising, it might not be what he’s looking for. All this time, I felt like he had found what he was looking for in “Gold,” but with our minds and souls as one, it doesn’t feel like it.

It did feel good to get back to it, but I think I really want to distance myself from anything from his past for a while because it’s just a distraction to me right now. Then I just figured out something else. Everyone wants to continue to use what has worked in the past. He’s looking for something more. He doesn’t want to fall back on anything. He wants to keep searching “the Dawn,” and I guess right now, he doesn’t care how many songs it’ll take to get him there.

I had a pretty rough night last night. Just because of “Gold”, but personal “issues”, or whatever. I was tossing and turning all night. I’ve considered which or not I should take “We March” out of the line-up, but that would make the album kinda short. I already have it down to an hour, but how much am I willing to do to get it where I want it?

Also thanx to my dad, “Little Red Corvette” is playing revolutions in my head, so I’m half asking myself if I’m really turning tail and running away from TGE, much like I did after listening to it the 2nd time. It’s like I have to want to hear it from the inside out, not just cuz “its about time I did.” I woke up this morning not feeling too well. Maybe its just nerves getting to me about the upcoming year or the fact I haven’t heard back from my roommate yet. I’m still unsure about a lot of things. Maybe if I mix and match the three albums, I can get somewhere with them. I’ll keep you guys posted of course, but I can’t wait for this week to be over (for one reason) and to get back to… but I also want to find a way to enjoy my last few days.

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