Things 2 Come

I’ve been on so much lately the past few days. Getting emails from my fellow “listeners” keeps me on my toes. And it helps me feel better about not having the website and all. I’m not exactly counting down the days, but all I know is that I will be back next Tuesday.

This is usually when I say what album I listened to and the impression I got.
I’m not going to do that this time because I don’t think it’s fair.
“Rave Un2 the Joy Fantastic” needs a little time to sink in before I can really write about it. With my mind going 100mph about whatever else is going… and actually, I could care less if my roommate got back to me or not. It doesn’t necessarily mean we won’t get along when I move in. Just as long as I don’t push Prince too much or too often, we should be on good terms.

To say the least, my listen thru “Rave Un2 the Joy Fantastic” ran the same way as my first headphone listen to TGE… felt like I was in a completely different world than I’ve known before and it’s a bit confusing. I’ll say this, though… track 17 is a joke… a segue all about contact information and the NPG website that’s no longer active…
It’d be more fair if I just gave Rave another listen or two before I start saying anything about it.
I will say this, though. The vibe I got from O(+> is a much older vibe. I listened to “The Max” a little after hearing Rave. The man still knows how to party, but his maturity shows a bit in some of the Rave tracks… quite an interesting end.

I could very well return to Come… cuz its very smooth and tight, no huge surprises or anything. And “Space” has been following me all day, and its been of some comfort to me.

I’m definitely gonna have a lot of “baggage” when I return. Don’t want to disappoint, but I also got a lot to say.
I’ll definitely do the Musicology track-by-track thing.
Then I’ll post about my entry on “Slave”… should get some interesting responses
And of course, I’ll go into Planet Earth, Controversy, 1999, Dirty Mind, and O(+> (the albums I’ve checked out since my “departure”)

Should be an interesting comeback to say the least.

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