The O(+> album= one last giant party

Theme of the O(+> album is pretty much one last huge party before things start to get really serious.
Not quite sure how much of it is what “personal Prince” is all about, though. It looks like he’s just letting his musical “alter ego” do all of the work. All I know is that he believes you gotta live life in the moment and enjoy every minute of it. “Let’s Go Crazy”… but he takes it to so many different levels. He starts with an egotistical trip and goes onto many different levels of how to party with a girl. Goes anywhere from being purely in love (2 the 9’s and Damn U), crushing (Morning Paper), taking it to a different level (God created woman) and of course, his favorite “subject” on different levels (The Max, Blue Light, Continental and Eye wanna melt with U). Then he offers comfort (Sweet Baby), and off-sets his other personality (that only cares for himself). Then he parties in a couple of more tracks to rebel against the issues (7 & Sacrifice… deadly sins/reality and racism).

It’s starting to become one of my favorite albums because it’s a huge celebration of different kinds. There aren’t any really depressing songs and that counts for something. I wasn’t really in the mood for anything dramatic and I also didn’t want to hit anything where he’s angry or depressed. During the first couple of tracks, I considered that I got lost in his emotions because he really was getting wrapped up the “ego” of the whole thing and that ended up possessing him. The music had the same effect on me, but once I hit “The Morning Paper,” I got thrown into his world and I was on an amazing ride that took me away from the drama for a while. And I think I kinda lost my trust in him a little after he pulled me into his drama… but I did give my mind willingly to him to show me what’s truly behind his work. But before I jump back in with him, I think I’d have rather partied alongside him than one-on-one, like the tracks from “Come” entail. I still question whether or not I still want to go in that deep with his music if I have to deal with drama the same way he did. But maybe going through everything again might open other possibilities. Maybe he was right about being possessed by “the ego,” cuz his music has kinda forced his opinions upon me, leaving me no free will to decide to see things a certain way… I like being able to read his mind, but I think I’d also want to have some control too.

And here are a few things I said about certain tracks along the way.
o Morning Paper—wasn’t hiding behind his “other half”… was being very real and true to his heart and feelings
o The Max—becoming one of my favorite “party” tracks! Has a great beat and his energy is infectious… also some of the most energetic keyboard work in any of his work… I enjoy that a whole lot
o Eye wanna melt with u—I’ve played a couple of times lately. I dunno, I’m probably attracted to it cuz it reminds me of “Come”… like its long-lost cousin… but I do prefer “Come” cuz its more personal and I trust him more
o Sweet Baby—feels like it’d belong just b4 “Damn U” rather than in between Continental and Eye wanna melt with u… kinda disrupts the flow a bit
o Continental—infectious energy again! And the 2nd half helps set up for the next track

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