Come: hitting a little late, but 4 good reason

Yeah, for the longest time while listening to the album, I was really disappointed. Either I was a tad distracted in the beginning or Prince wasn’t doing it for me. The first, of course, is true. How the heck do u explain to someone why you call them once and never attempt to contact them again? It would have been better 4 me not to take any action at all… but there’s really no use worrying about it now. Distractions aren’t gonna do me any good in the next (or last) few days I have b4 returning to school. Once I arrive, I’ll get settled and when I finally make my return, I’ll feel much better.

At first, I was considering doing O(+> again, but I figured that I was just turning to it for comfort… running away from the problem in front of me. I wanted my mind to be taken somewhere else and I guess I just wasn’t in the mood for him during the first few tracks. “Come” washed over me… but it wasn’t really getting through to me. My heart wasn’t in it. Then I came up with a theory that maybe Prince wasn’t necessarily happy when he wrote it. It’s, ahem, “familiar territory” for him, so it might have been of some comfort to him to write it with all of the “distractions” around him. Anything’s possible, I suppose. It was just a temporary escape for him from reality. One of the many masks he hides behind… if I still have this opinion the next time around, maybe I’ll ask around to see if anyone agrees.

Space, considering it was in my head all yesterday, didn’t really do it for me either. I hadn’t really listened to it since the night I was mixing & matching the three albums. The interesting thing was that I could almost picture him in some parts, trying to reel me in and catch my interest, I guess.
Pheromone took me over for a little bit. I was mouthing the words with him and I kinda fused with his alter ego a couple of times. Then I got to Loose and I was kinda digging it. But I think around the middle of “Pheromone,” I was just sick of the façade. I almost felt like demanding, “Enough with the acting, Prince, I want the truth! Tell me the truth! I want to know how you really feel.”
Excuse me if this sounds a little crazy, but its not like this is the first time its happened.
Then I had a feeling that the 2nd half of the album was the key. Then the natural question from him that came to mind was, “are you sure you want the truth? Can you handle it?” Then I thought, “I’m willing to take the truth and everything that comes with it. I want to see what you see and know what you really feel.” But I really said, “I’m willing to bury your burdens with you.” I agreed to take whatever heat I could intercept from his music that moment forward.
The conversation happened just before “Papa.” There’s just something about him speaking rather than singing. It makes things seem a little more real. The story he concocted, but it’s more or less a different version of pain, which he is clearly dealing with. The first 4 tracks being a bit of a façade and all.

I enjoyed Race quite a bit because it has a really good beat to it… it’s not necessarily about him, but it’s serious, but given a little bit of class too. Or maybe its because it was slated for the O(+> album. Comes with the territory, so it was of some comfort 2 me. “Dark” more or less put me to sleep the first few time I heard it. Once recently have I truly listened and wrapped my head around it. In fact, I craved it because it was something real. You just can’t make that up; it had to have been based on a rather unpleasant experience.
Solo came on and I thought to myself, “here’s the first test, whether or not I can take a hit and have it not drive me insane.” This wasn’t exactly the bitterness & anger from those 2 tracks from TGE… but it’s the closest it comes. I listened to every word intently, just as I always have. I can’t imagine how the relationship with the girl configures into it, so it has to be a metaphor for something. That part remains as elusive as it was the first time I heard “Solo” as far as its meaning. Just the line delivery was enough to show me what it’s really about. The whole time, though, I just wanted to help him anyway that I could.
I then remembered last night that I wasn’t quite ready to go back to the more painful-sounding work, so my gut points towards O(+> cuz he wanted to show me a good time b4 getting serious again. He said something like that to me before going to the next song. One last celebration, he said, here’s to really saying what we mean and not to care who tries to stop us.
And Letitgo was the highlight of the album… much like it was the first I listened to it. It’s probably one of those tracks Prince (or maybe he had already made the transformation into O(+>) wrote to comfort himself. The hassle with releasing Come and maybe even releasing TGE as well might have been bothering him and he wanted to write something to help him deal with it. His first intention probably was to tell WB “you’ll be sorry,” but while doing so, he added more instruments and added a certain kind of joy to it. The kind of joy that he needed at the time to get through the drama in one piece.

Sure, there I go with my theories and hypothetical conversations again. But I think deep down, I really wanted to hear something real from Prince. I might have just gotten sick of him hiding behind different masks. I wanted him to be honest. Who knows how much of “Come” one could say is accredited to “personal Prince”. Thinking it over, Come does have a dark edge to it, but I do like the edge. And even though most of it didn’t go right with me, whenever I come up with a new theory, no matter how late it is in the album, that makes the whole trip worth it.

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