Diamonds & Pearls: expectations met with some potential attached

I intended to get to “Diamonds & Pearls” last night, but I was getting tired and was running out of time. Earlier today, I played through O(+> again to get myself in the right mood and also cuz a few of the songs kept getting into my head. Chiseling down to 14 out of a possible 16, its showing a lot of potential to rank highly on my personal charts. But more or less, I just wanted to be taken away to a huge party of different sorts and that’s what the album seems to be to me. And quite possibly 2 Prince. I’ve yet to fully figure that out. The highlight was “Damn U” cuz at one point, it just hit so right that the song had me screaming, “don’t leave me. I’m falling for you.” All the more reason why it’s going on that mix I’ve been talking about. I’ll probably burn it after I get Emancipation (or if I also want to get Crystal Ball in my collection). Wouldn’t want to leave anything out, would I? It just grabbed me so unexpectedly in a way I hadn’t felt in such a long time. I miss that feeling of “falling in love.”

I came into “Diamonds & Pearls” with a certain idea in mind. It’s not going to be anything extraordinary, but I want to know what it feels like. I had the lyrics in front of me, but I just concentrated on feeling the vibe most of the time. (Unless of course I was really lost, which I was in a couple of songs, Daddy Pop and Live 4 Love). B4 going to my track-by-track review, I’ll say this much. The album met my expectations and I’ve ID’d a few certain tracks that have potential.

Thunder—gave me the vibe of “Thieves in the Temple” from the music itself, just a little bit, though. According to the jacket, he sung all the parts and played all the instruments. With the overall vibe, I wasn’t too surprised that he did all that. It’s a curious way to start the album. The music is unlike anything else on the album, but it grabbed me as being something special.
Daddy Pop—made me say “I’ve got no idea what he’s talking about.” I think I went deaf to his vocals for a little while, cuz I couldn’t make sense out of it. I checked out the lyrics and I’m not sure how they connect with the title. All I can assume is that he is Daddy Pop
Diamonds & Pearls—beautiful as always, good to hear again in its entirety, but because I was familiar with it, I didn’t get into it as much as I had in the past. I guess I just wanted to know what else he had to offer, cuz I already knew the song was good.
Cream—kinda odd how it’s after the other, unlike “The Very Best of…” when the opposite is true. I kept thinking about “Girls and Boys” throughout the song cuz I just got that vibe. And I think the themes were pretty similar too. I did have a little fun with it, which hadn’t happened lately, cuz it’s good, but its also kinda weak too.
Strollin’—I could remember one night on Emancipation radio, DJ Jedi played the 5 least popular Prince songs of all time. This one was #4. I could understand why. It had a certain appeal, so I might keep it in the line-up, but I was in disbelief for most of the time. I was like “this is a Prince song? No way…” I’d label it WEAK with very little potential, just blah… but its not so bad that I’m ready to pull the plug just yet.
Willing and Able—took a little while to get into, but once I did, I labeled this song as one with potential. It had a certain spark and I’m willing to study it for a while to see what happens. Something about it reminded me of “Uptown”, the vibe of the music, so I want to see if there’s more to it. (This might or might not b that particular track)
Gett Off—I had been looking 4ward 2 4 a while. (Heh, a few months ago, I wouldn’t have said that). It didn’t quite hit me the way I thought it would, but the beat was really groovy. It was still a hit with me regardless of how good it was.
Walk Don’t Walk—this one, I think has A LOT of potential to become one of my favorites on the album. It’s one of those “Pop Life” type songs where he encourages us to follow our own path. That’s something I always like 2 c from him. I was getting so into the beat that I wished it didn’t end so soon.
Jughead—well… you can pretty much guess my answer 2 this one. I did try to get into the beat a little, but it was just a royal (haha… no pun intended, I promise) mess. And probably some of the stupidest lyrics I’ve ever heard in my life. How & why he came up with this, we’ll probably never know. But I’m personally hoping it’s one of those tracks he cut in record time. It’d be even worse if he spent so much time putting together a song nearly everyone hates.
Money Don’t Matter 2 Night—always one of my favorites and will remain so. Plus it was a really good break after the royal mess (heh heh), a big relief. What else can I say? I just love his voice in this song and the backing vocals in some areas just hit so right.
Push—Song #5 of the “least popular Prince songs ever” list, if I remember correctly. It’s more or less a party for the NPG and each of them show off their talents and put in their own voice, etc. Call me crazy, but I’m willing to give it a few more listens b4 making my decision to cut it out 4 good. Even if the genre’s all wrong 4 me, it’s not as excoriating as Jughead, so that counts 4 something.
Insatiable—it took a little while, but after getting to the part where he starts with the “sweet talk,” he got my attention. I’ll review it a little more, but I think it has potential. It might even make it into that mix I mentioned if I like it enough.
Live 4 Love—something I’ll have to look into more cuz I’m not quite sure what its about. What could he possibly mean by it? So many questions about this track.

Even now, tracks from O(+> are still playing in my head (Continental’s been especially “annoying”).
So I’ll see if I can separate myself from it to focus on the other. But I’m glad I came off this without being completely turned off of it. It didn’t have me going “wow,” at least not much. “Thunder” was probably the only track that had the “wow” factor this time around, but I’ll see what happens.

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