Ongoing Blog: Readjustment from the Purple world 2 the Technicolor world of Reality

During my classes today, I realized that I had a huge problem ahead of me.

I’m taking 18 credits this semester (as I have with every other fall semester so far), meaning that I’ll have 6 classes that I have to study 4 and work 4. (Well, actually 5, the 6th is just field work, there’s no homework 2 it)

Even so, it’s still gonna be murder to get thru. And I’ve got a bad feeling that my time with Prince will become a less frequent occurrence. My roommate is out quite a bit, so that gives me the room 2 myself. But when she does return, she has friends with her and they talk pretty loud. So I nearly fell to pieces from the inside out while listening to “Diamonds & Pearls” yesterday. So the only time I’ll get a moment’s peace with him is in the computer lab or when she’s out of the room for who knows how long.

Back home, I had a clear-cut timeslot specifically for Prince & his music. Now, I won’t have that luxery. I’ll have to figure out where I can fit Prince in, if I can at all. It just won’t be a defined timeslot like it was b4. With the luxery of that timeslot, I was free 2 go thru the day as I pleased and I didn’t have to give him a 2nd thought. I just gotta reinforce that idea under different circumstances, change directions like the wind if u will.

It sounds like I’m really gonna have my work cut out for me this time around. My grade in 2 classes will be determined by a few papers that I write… that in itself is gonna take up some time. And I have one lab where I have to do lab reports. That’ll consume some time as well.

I got thru Diamonds & Pearls today without much distraction. “Money Don’t Matter 2night” got to me a little cuz it was like “I’m saying goodbye 2 my summer way of life”… then “Insatiable” gave me that hope back… and Live 4 Love is just incredible… there’s just something about it. I just gotta figure out what its about, but whatever.

I’ve got a bunch of favorites. Jughead, I couldn’t keep in there, even if Prince himself gave me a million dollars… :gasp: boy, this wouldnt be the first time I said something I thought about taking back.

I’ve thought that D&P wouldn’t win any awards for being overly great… but it’s like a party fueled by Diet Coke (opposed to the regular Coke O(+> album). It’s a light party, but it’s also a bit of a chill-out album too. I’m not sure how it fits together as a whole yet cuz I haven’t had much time to figure that out yet. I love the quality of the sound 2 it and it does sound like Prince is peaking here, especially cuz he cut many of the tracks in record time.

I drifted a little from the path, there, but I’ll bring more to this story as it develops.

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