Reliving “The Moment”

I started a post on about this, but this will be the extended version. I’m just gonna let my thoughts run away with me and see if my blogger fans get a kick out of it. If not, that’s fine too.

You never really forget those moments that define you in any way. You never forget your firsts. I’m still roughly new, so I still remember my firsts pretty vividly. How I felt about each album I own the first time I listened to it. The first time I saw “Purple Rain” in its entirity. The first time I saw him perform on stage [in the movie].

The whole “I would die 4 u/baby I’m a star” scene was cemented in my head since the time I saw it, I’m guessing in summer 2004. Every time I see it, I can still recall that first time. I remember how my dad made a mix of his favorite songs and those two ended it. He told me how the 2nd is really a continuation of the first. That’s all I needed. His performance showed me the kind of entertainer he really is. The rest of the movie [well, everything after the fight with Apollonia, I’m sure] got me a look at what he was like as a musician. He wanted to play only his music because he put his heart & soul into every note & key and lyric. That dedication, I’d never seen in anyone b4.

Even so, there’s a big gap in the way I saw him between then and SuperBowl XLI. B4 that, I just saw him as a unique, unusual musician who could really play. Then I saw him REALLY play guitar and tear up the O(+> stage he walked. He was a legend, surrounded by faces old and new. He was there because he had seen it all and was highly respected. Then I saw him do Purple Rain live, the first time I heard it (the movie was a bit vague, couldnt really remember it)… and I was gone.

That’s when I knew “I want to know who Prince is and really see what his music is all about.” I just didn’t think I’d be here and still going stronger as a supporter of his art.

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