Purple Rain in the FastLane

At least it felt that way.

This would be my 15th time seeing the movie and I think it was pretty hard 4 me 2 get thru. My computer’s been kinda slow since I checked out that jam-packed picture thread on prince.org. Boy, that’ll teach me a lesson. “Stop oogling my pics, ya fool.” He’d probably say something like that. It’s obviously sending me that kind of message. My computer was still scanning 4 viruses at the time so during a couple of the scenes, it was in slow motion. “Let’s Go Crazy” and the scene at the lake was scrapped pretty much… super slow motion.

So I had to pause the virus scan and hoped 4 the best. Luckiy, there were no more glitches, but I got paranoid at this point. The whole movie seemed to pass by really fast once I got my bearings. Things started 2 slow down 4 me at the back2back dramatic scenes. Then I fell right into his emotional scenes… most likely because I needed to see how he handled it. I’ve been under quite a bit of pressure lately, so maybe that’s what I was searching 4…. something I could relate 2.

I feel like I’m gonna be relying on him more and more to get me thru the tough times up ahead. Heh, maybe I should start coming up with a mix of songs where he seems 2 b searching or is angry about something… I started picking out tracks for my own “The Beautiful Experience” and come 2 think of it, I might not have enough room 4 all the songs I want. I’ll see what I can salvage from Emancipation and Parade (and maybe Crystal Ball) b4 I know 4 sure.

I figure, what makes Prince so appealing is that with him, u can feel all kinds of emotions… its just a matter of finding the right songs. At times, when I’m in a certain mood, I want to listen 2 certain songs to help me keep my own feelings in check and let him express them 4 me.

Yet another mystery I have to figure out. The movie was a whole of much 4 me, but I just wish I could have enjoyed more of it without any worries. I still have a lot of things 2 sort out regarding Prince. Like where I want 2 go next with his albums. Quite possibly, I want 1999 & Purple Rain… but then again, Darling Nikki kinda got 2 me too… if only there were more songs like that… heh, I never would have figured I’d feel this now with the way I shyed away from that side of him b4.

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