16 trips 2 where the rain is purple

No glitches this time around and that’s a huge relief.

I pretty much get something out of every time I see the movie… as is when I listen to his albums… well, 3121 might be the only exception… I rarely get anything out of it anymore.

I watched the movie, keeping so many things in mind. I took a step into a new world the other night and I felt like things were changing 4 me left and right. I went out with a guy, we had dinner, we walked and we talked. I’ve never done anything like that before. It was pretty terrifying, but once I got used to his company, it was good to be out and around.

When I got up this morning, I had a knot in my stomach. I feared the worst for my computer cuz of one of the picture threads, which slowed everything down. Things worked out perfectly, though. I restored it to the way it ran a couple of days ago and all is good.

Once I took that leap into Prince’s world again, I pretty much left everything behind me. My mind and all of my worries. I thought about all the things I’ve learned about him as well as the different things I heard about the different scenes in the movie. I thought about the commentary I watched/listened the one time as well as the interviews. It was like I was getting to know Prince all over again, but I knew a little background about the various scenes.

The scenes that really happened to him. When his father actually said “I would die 4 u”. Then the scene where Prince confronts him in the basement and he says “never get married.” And of course, I thought about what the commentaries said about the suicidal climax… and Prince’s view of it. The way he wanted it… There are a lot of contradictions. He claims that the producers juiced up the story to make it interesting… but the way he saw that particular scene was even more juiced up. I won’t give it away, of course. You can watch the commentary and judge 4 yourselves.

Then I got pleasure from the teeniest little things and they weren’t always Prince’s doing. The way Dr. Fink smiled makes me laugh, u never see his eyes, but they really capture his take on things. Apollonia’s line delivery in some of the scenes, I find amusing with her accent.

I kept an eye on Prince the whole time he was on scene, no matter what he was doing. It felt like even though I like hearing him speak, I think I did prefer his silence. That way I could look into his eyes and see what he was feeling. A lot of the time, they were just so intense. Probably one of my favorite scenes was where he was pacing in his dressing room. His expression says it all and I enjoyed every smirk and scowel he could show, or how he says “I don’t care.” Then there was one of the lines that stuck with me even from that incomplete 1st time.

“Your music makes sense to no one but yourself.” So he had to write a song that could capture everyone’s imaginations, that they could relate to. Computer Blue seemed to hit me all wrong. It seemed like he was very angry and in a lot of pain, based on the performance itself… and I knew it wasn’t his usual best. But I got enjoyment after the scenes after.

I got into all of the musical numbers, even The Time & Apollonia 6… a whole lot, cuz they were just plain fun.

I got to wondering about so many things about him. When he was pacing in his dressing room, had he ever done so before? Did he really have such a temper? It was hard to even attach the name “Prince” to him… because it just doesn’t seem to do him justice. Either it’s too great for him or it’s not good enough for him. It’s hard to really make that call.

I was just checking through the different tracks of the albums in random order. Computer Blue came off all wrong to me. Take me with u, i really wasnt paying attention 2. Let’s Go Crazy, I’m not into much these days, but it was a lot of fun to listen to. Baby I’m a Star is probably the most contagiously energetic song he’s done, that I’ve heard in a long time. The whole performance in the movie of that song is just unbelieveably fun and I could still sense that. Darling Nikki was fun as always, seeing the nastier side of him, but I wonder if there’s anything else out there like it. I Would Die 4 U, really seems to pale in comparison to what comes after it, and as early as I can remember, I preferred it to the latter. Then “The Beautiful Ones”, it seems like he slowly builds onto the next verse, but at the end, he returns to where he began, but steps up the intensity. So intense that I could feel it and I was almost bursting because of it.

Then the last 2. When Doves Cry… I couldn’t even describe what was going thru my head. It was just perfection as far as… the ear can hear. Brilliant with the few instruments and many vocals he used for it. Then of course, Purple Rain itself. Everyone knows him for the movie and the song of the same name. The ignorants probably think its his only hit song. I’d argue that he’s done plenty of songs as good as Purple Rain and maybe better. The lyrics I’ve pretty much gotten used to, but then all of the instruments came together. That’s probably one of the most powerful guitar solos I’ve ever heard… I’m not sure how Gold’s guitar stands up to it… they’re both brilliant, but in this case, it’s probably in a class by itself.

The progression of his guitar is so beautiful and I could feel his every stroke as he did it in the movie. Then came the sing-along chorus… and for the first time in a very long while, it managed to bring a tear to my eye. I used to ball for a minute or so when I saw him do it in the movie. Ever since getting the DVD, that hadn’t happened, but somehow, he brought out the tears in my eyes and came to the conclusion he wanted me to. An unspeakable one I can’t even label.

The whole album is very contagious in its energy, I’ll give it that. But the question will be: which is better, it or 1999? That might very well be the next task I undertake, but with school looming, I’m not sure if I’ll have the time, but I’ll see what I can do.

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