Grouping the tracks: Purple Rain

If there’s anything I’ve constantly done under Prince, this would be one of the most common things. I analyze his songs to death, especially the ones I listen to the most.

There’s more to an album than simply listening thru from start to finish (although he did say that ATWIAD was meant to be viewed as a whole in that 1985 MTV interview). The songs don’t exactly follow the storyline. He put “When Doves Cry” after its predeccesors rather than before… and Purple Rain was the last song, even though it came before the big 10-minute finale. But of course, the strongest, stand-out tracks of any of his albums is either dead last or first (although Planet Earth is the only case where that’s happened… that I know of).

So because he chose not to follow the movie’s storyline on the album, I’ve decided to take things to the next level by mixing and matching the tracks that have a similar feel to them. But I’m going onto my most recent tracks before I lose what I figured out about them.

I just listened to “I Would Die 4 U” and “Baby I’m a Star”… I’ll never forget. I’ve heard these two songs quite a few times before ever seeing the movie or knowing really who Prince was. I think I had more fun with them than I had in quite some time. I’d listen to them on the album, but it didn’t quite click. “I Would Die 4 U” kinda blows thru me without making much impact (like “Take me with U” seems 2 do these days)… but I listened 2 the lyrics and they really say a lot. Brilliant lyrics, that pretty much are Prince saying “this is me, please 2 make ur acquaintance”.

I’m not a woman/not a man, I’m something u’ll never understand. I’m not ur lover/not ur friend, I’m something that u’ll never comprehend. I’m just a sinner, I am told. Be ur fire when ur cold. Make u happy when ur sad, make u good when ur bad. All I really need is 2 know that u believe.

That pretty much explains who he is and what he does for anyone who will listen 2 him. And I believe every word of those lyrics. The ones I didn’t post… kinda makes me lean towards worship and I’d rather not go there. Plants an image in my head I’d rather not have cuz it’d lead to something he wouldn’t approve of.

Then “Baby I’m a Star,” is a little egotistical, but hey, many of his songs are, but not quite like this. It’s pretty much a response 2 the previous song. “This is me, what do u think? I’m gonna tell u what its all about”. It’s a whole lot of fun and again, I believe every word of it. I then remembered I preferred “I Would Die 4 U” for the longest time… cuz he kept going on and on… and I wasn’t so into the screaming. I could care less for that now, in fact, I crave his screaming (and at the same time wonder how he doesn’t lose his voice by doing it so much).

I coupled those 2 songs with “Let’s Go Crazy” cuz they’re all fun little tracks. And actually, I’m starting to warm up to that song again. Just really listening to the lyrics gets me going (not to mention its cool music 4 walking 2 campus). It has some really fun guitar and that’s pretty much all I can say.

I started the day out with “Computer Blue” and “Darling Nikki”. Interesting, cuz I listened 2 the full-version of “Computer Blue” and the lyrics were starting 2 drive me insane earlier. I kept hearing in my head Poor lonely computer, it’s time someone programmed u. It’s time u learned: lust & love, they both have 4 letters, but they’re entirely different words. But even in shambles, the songs just says so much about Prince and how complex he is cuz its full of diff. emotions. “Darling Nikki” was fun and bad-boy Prince at his best… its hard to get over.

Then “When Doves Cry” kinda stands alone. The lyrics are so simple, but the music speaks volumes. I find myself picking out all of the instruments he used (very few) and I love all of the diff. vocals he had in it. “The Beautiful Ones,” also kinda stands alone… but what else can I say? His passion really gets to me… but during the movie, I think I’ve only gotten teary-eyed over it once.

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