An unexpected, but interesting choice

After being heavily involved in the 80’s where Prince was just making it big, I started thinking about a few different albums that were far from where I was. I was tempted by “Diamonds and Pearls” because I’m alone for the weekend and wouldn’t be distracted by anybody. (Although, if in the same mood, I could always check out the music videos on my DVD). I thought about the song “7” so I ended up popping the O(+> album into my CD player. I had that song following me all day, even after I listened to it once. And “My Name is Prince” wasn’t too far behind. So I ended up listening the album (abridged the way I like it). After being exposed to the superior 80’s, it left much to be desired, especially with the first couple of tracks. The NPG-dominated tracks didn’t shine as much since The Revolution was still fresh in my mind. “The Morning Paper” felt like a combination of “Gold” and “Dolphin” because of the guitar solos and the way it sounded. But it was very sweet with all the lyrics.


“The Max” was pretty fun all around, the way it always was. “Blue Light” is a blah type of track. It’s good, but it’s not really great either. “Eye wanna melt with you,” why I like that track still escapes me, but there’s just something about it that made me unable to stay away. Probably the same thing that drew me to the song “Come.” One of those Prince-isms that can’t be explained. I played “Continental” afterwards and it was one of the highlights of the album. It was a lot of fun with a lot of great vocals and different sound effects and the way the song evolves over time. It’s a mini-masterpiece if there ever was one. I played “Sweet Baby” afterwards, but that song doesn’t seem to hit me the way it used. But I guess it’s one of those tracks good for a rainy day. Then “Damn U,” which I played earlier by accident, really seemed to hit a good spot. But I’m thinking right now “I’m trying really hard not to fall in love with him,” and he didn’t try anything. There was just a special quality about the song that he hadn’t touched on before that, so maybe it came with experience… or from experience. “7” was also a great listen to listen 2 again. “God created woman,” is also one of those beautiful tracks and it was very sweet. I enjoyed it. Lastly, “Sacrifice,” a very fun track, but I need to ask around about it because I’m not sure how it fits into everything, not to mention “how did he come up with the idea for it?”


I’m not quite sure where to rank the album, but it’s definitely on the same level with Controversy & ATWIAD. Just not sure if above or below those two.

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