Diamonds & Pearls: new review

Finally, I got peace of mind. I have nothing to distract me, so I’m free to enjoy the album all by its lonesome. It felt really good to be able to enjoy it as it is and figure my way around the different tracks.


Thunder remains amazing to me. It seems to symbolize his love for and his relationship with his music. The radio reference clues me in, but then a relationship is introduced in the 2nd verse. It remains cryptic at best and the whole aspect of the instrumentals intrigues me because I don’t really know what to think. Extraordinary and different than anything I’ve heard him do b4 or since. But one of the keyboard sequences sounded like what he did with “Shh” towards the end of the song, but I think that was when he did it live in Hong Kong in ’03.


Daddy Pop is more or less a dance track where he assumes a new identity. The lyrics are weak, but it’s fun to sing along to. It gets better as it goes on and the ending note reminds me of “Soft and Wet.”


Diamonds & Pearls glowed with a certain light I haven’t seen in a while. The sound of the keys, his baritone voice, all of that created a vibe that reminds me of the first time I saw the video. Something just so beautiful about it that I can’t give it a name. Its lyrics are like “All I have 2 give” by the Backstreet Boys, but less repetitive. The last verse says something completely different than the other two, where he’s pretty much wooing the lady in question. Just another way of talking about “The Dawn,” possibly more.


Cream and I hit it off better than in a long time. I was still in the mood from the last song, but I kept thinking about the video. Seems to be about a girl that knows where she’s going, but Prince wants her to want him in a certain way. Giving sweet talk to her about how great she is without using his low, sexy voice. He does a scream in the beginning of the song I could have sworn I heard before, but can’t remember which song it was.


Strollin’ is a relaxing little ride, but I kept thinking over and over that its weak and a bit lame. Almost as if he wasn’t trying at all to make it sound good. He just did what he felt like it and it seemed to fit in with the package.


Willing and Able, I turned deaf ears to. It really felt like he used the same melody from “Do it all night,” and added different instruments to it. I wasn’t really paying much attention to it just because of that little distraction.


Gett off was so fun to sing along to. I couldn’t believe that I didn’t like it before. He takes on this whole new personality that I can’t quite “track”. I know he’s assumed it before, but I can’t remember where else. Unless I’m thinking about some of tracks from the O(+> album.


Walk don’t walk has a nice little African-musical vibe. I enjoy it so much and try to figure out its significance that I barely noticed it was a duet. I like the whole musical segue with the car horns, it has a good rhythm and just works. I’ve kinda lost the meaning in it, but I know it has a “do things your own way” type of moral.


Money don’t matter 2night was one of the highlights of the album. The whole vibe I get from it just soothes the soul, but also troubles it. I can’t help, but feel a little bit of sadness in it. It’s a very strong track with a well-blended sound and wonderful back-up vocals.


Push, I started to fall asleep a little bit here. It was more or less an NPG party track. Of course I woke up when Prince “got on the mic.” Then everything gets really interesting, musically and he’s the “life o’ the party.” But it’s a good break.


Insatiable was a slow start and I didn’t really get into it until he started with the sweet talk. That’s when I started to go crazy and “wanted” him.


Live 4 Love is most likely my favorite track, or at least one of them (behind Thunder). It’s fun to sing along to. This is one of those tracks where he slowly comes to a realization about himself, but there’s something about it. It’s almost like he wrote this song in order to confront himself about his past and face up to a certain truth about himself. If I’m right, then that’s amazing to know he writes music for a reason like that.

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