Brief return 2 3121

I don’t know what it is about this album. But no matter how many times I go back to it these days, it just can’t hold a flame 2 everything else I own. Sure, “Diamonds & Pearls” is pretty much in the same level with it, but at least that album has a little more potential than 3121.

Some of the songs work for me, but very few do that. The highlights of the album 4 me were Black Sweet thru Love, The Word, Beautiful Loved & Blessed and The Dance (which kinda lost flavor after a while cuz I had distractions all around me).

There’s just no spark. And I found myself getting pretty bored with the album as a whole. That’s a pretty serious problem, I think, but I hold no grudges. Prince believed in his work, then I’ll trust his judgment, but it just pales in comparison 2 everything that came b4 it.

And it’s bad enough that Planet Earth is so much better… I can’t wait 2 get back to that album. But it might be a while.

Someone kindly sent me Parade & The Black album thru my computer. So when I get to each of those, I’ll let u know right away with my thoughts. Unless of course they’re really negative/confused (TBA in particular), I’ll keep those 2 myself until I know for sure.

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