return 2 Planet Earth

I’m going to come back to the boards with this, so I’ll try to make it short.

Not exactly the experience I was hoping 4, but it’s hard to really be positive with all this negativity lately.

Planet Earth, the track is pure magic… just so alive. All of his instrumentals are brilliant and his guitar solo really comes from a deeper core within him.  His heart was definitely in this when he wrote it. And I also love the back-up vocals (courtesy of Wendy & Lisa).

Guitar, contagious. I always gotta tap my foot or something when I listen to this. It’s just so much fun, one of my favorites.

Somewhere here on Earth, goes deeper into his heart and brings out his inner desires for his love life. His falsetto kinda gets to me a little because he sounds so lonely. Or it might just be the background music. Sounds like something from an old B&W movie that one would put on a record player.

The One I wanna c, another fun track. Not quite as exciting as guitar, but the music just reminds me of something I’ve heard b4. I can’t remember where, sounds like he’s down at the boardwalk or something.

Future Baby Mama, I got into this a little bit more than I did in the beginning. Sounds like it could have fit well in 90’s R&B radio, its that type of song. I gotta listen 2 the lyrics more closely, though.

Mr. Good-night, this is where I started to cheer up again. The music reminds me a little of “Space”, but overall it just really works 4 me. Of course, this is one of those Prince tracks where he cranks up the charm… and I’m always a sucker for his charm, no matter how he does it.

All the Midnights, wish it were longer to extend the mood set by the previous track. But it’s kinda “cute” (omg, I said something he did was cute, so lame) that he used that “It’s a Wonderful Life” reference. But the song reminds me of what he did with “The Morning Paper”, like with the vocals, the beginning just reminded me of that.

Chelsea Rodgers, I think I turned a deaf ear 2. I get so hooked on his charm that it’s hard to break away from it just like that. I respect what he does with it, but I’m rarely in the mood for him talking about someone other than him in duet-format, especially after he does something like the past 2 tracks. I don’t think he ever really made a trilogy of charming trax on any of his albums, he always cuts away after the 2nd.

Lion of Judah, I knew where he was coming from until the 2nd verse. Then he lost me. That’s the only problem I have. But I love the back-up vocals here and it has a really good beat to it. Reminds me of what he did with “The One u wanna c”

Resolution, haha, I almost got teary-eyed here cuz it was the last song. But yeah, it’s a very good concept, but maybe Lion of Judah (or even Planet Earth itself) would have been a better ending.

The album feels like magic to me, even with the negativity I’ve seen going round the boards. It catches my attention with a lot of the tracks (unlike 3121, which doesnt grab me much anymore). It sounds fresh and new, but the material doesn’t sound dated like Musicology (too old-school) or 3121 (too modernized). It’s a perfect balance of the two. And I say 4 me, this ranks around the same level as ATWIAD, but its just a bit better than that.

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