“Planet Earth” continued– and then some

I’ll start with the “and then some.”

I’ve been in a bit of a funky mood since I cut myself off from Purple Rain… I think I officially got sick of the movie and have satisfied myself for quite some time. I think I’ve probably “fall out of love” with him with all of this negativity surrounding him. I still enjoy his work, but sometimes, the ones I got a real kick out of don’t make as much as an impact. I think I’m really liking the funner side of him in songs like “Continental” and “The Max.” It feels like I don’t really want to have a “relationship” with him thru his work the way I have all this time. Maybe I just want to distance myself, but it doesn’t feel quite the same. I noticed that problem listening to the album yesterday. “Mr. Goodnight” was good as always, but I didn’t drive me quite to the same level I was when I first heard it.

I listened to it earlier and I feel like his age is starting to show. Then I realized “this guy named Prince is almost 50 now, what was I thinking before? Did I think I had a chance with him?” All kinds of thoughts went through my head and left me as confused as ever. I wanted to get to know him thru his music from the start, but I think I longed for a personal connection with him more. One artist’s heart to another. I might have lost that along the way because I’ve just spent too much time with the same albums over and over.

On the note of Planet Earth, I’d like to say that the sequence from “Future Baby Mama” to “All the MIdnights” is my favorite. “Mr. Goodnight” is still my favorite track and I like it when he’s so charming. It’s kinda strange when I attach an age to it… it’s finally starting to sink in that he’s 28+ years older than me. I don’t know what I was thinking, but something about it felt right. Maybe that’s what he wanted to tell me with that last dream I had with him where I thought I was making out with him… or maybe it was all in my head. It seems crazy… but I didn’t really mind the idea of having him as a close friend, maybe closer. But I really got a lot of his music, especially when he made me come face 2 face with myself.

I’ll have plenty of quality time with him tomorrow on the drive down 2 Virigina for our long weekend… 6 hours means that many albums I could go through. But I gotta pick the right ones, but I’ll definitely give Rave another listen and my mystery album… I’ll finally reveal it to everyone and I’ll know whether or not I like it.

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