My new nickname

Slogan, more like… or a title.

Anyway, I’ll post about the past weekend and I’ll give my bottom line at the end. I listened to these albums:

  • Musicology
  • 3121
  • Planet Earth

It took a LONG time for me to get into his music (in response to the negativity I’ve “suffered” the past few days). Musicology usually is a hit for me and gets me early on. I guess I was still half-distratcted. The 2nd half really started to oepn it up for me, but wasn’t quite enough. I replayed “A million Days” and my heart started to recognize Prince again.  Then I tried 1213 (as u all know, I’ve done b4, its 3121 in reverse order) and it started out well. “Get on the Boat” got me going (and it usually isn’t a hit for me quite like that). “The Dance” not so much. I guess cuz its kinda sad for him and I don’t want to hear him sad. BL&B somehow is a good song for me, always has been. Didn’t get so much into “The Word.” “Fury” was oddly a hit, probably cuz he does the same kind of thing in “Guitar.” Satisfied, kinda blah… Love was a good sign, had me dancing in my head. Incense & Candles, not so much with the extra noise in the car. Black Sweat was good, not great. Te Amo Corazon suddenly got thru to me like it hasn’t in a long time- it felt great. Lolita was a lot of fun. 3121 was okay.

Then I started doing encores of the tracks at random and got Black sweat, Fury, and  BL&B. I wanted “The Word” and believed “If I believe in him, that’s where he’l take me.” And he did. Overall 3121 came off really good, like it hasn’t in a VERY long time. And I acutlaly wanted to keep going with it (and actually go back to it when I started Planet Earth).

The album REALLY impressed me– like it did the beginning. PE itself was incredible sounding and I could tell what parts would come next. Guitar was a lot of fun. Somewhere here on Earth didn’t appeal to me as much cuz he’s kinda sad here and I’m in no mood for his sa dsongs. The next was great too, might run a little long for me. Future Baby Mama is very sweet and I love his sweet talk. Then I think I had an “out of body” experience with Mr. Goodnight- my soul just might have connected with him cuz I felt myself go numb all over, like WOW. All the Midnights is a good ending to that storyline. Chelsea- I got more into the music rather than the words, to take my mind off the vocals I guess. Makes old school music really come alive. The last 2 songs kinda fell flat for me. Love the “Judah” vocals, but the Bible referece loses me. Resolution, wish 4 a better ending to a great album.

I wanted 2 return 2 D&P, but played some random trax from “Ultimate”, both from ATWIAD. Didn’t get into it very much, though. Pop Life was still a huge hit for me. I remember the Tambourine-Temptation storyline, feels like the end of the story gone thru Computer Blue & Does not compute. Some of the tracks that weren’t about him could be him telling himself to do w/e. Especially The Ladder, his own method of encouragement?

I went thru Musicology and 1213 a couple of times the next few days and got really comfortable with them.

So I’ve decided to declare myself as An Advocate 4 Prince @ Present (A4P@P). I’m not quite sure how long 1213 will remain hot for me, but I’ll be raving about it for a while. It blows my mind that the tracks come off so good, especially in comparsion to PE. Who knows? I just know that the moment I knew was when “Te Amo Corazon”, which I declare one of my favorites early on, was of comfort 2 me… and that hadn’t happened in a long time. It seems like he was trying to tell me something…

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