A glimmer of hope… for the most unlikely source

Long story short.

I listened through “Come” and it was awesome. It’s such a personal album that I don’t think I have any other that takes me closer to him. I could really feel like he was trying to tell me all kinds of things, but I’ve narrowed it down to a few.

Come itself felt great to listen to after such a long time and I remembered why I wanted it on my mix “My Own ‘The Beautiful Experience.'” I tried to really listen to the music and how it progressed through the song when he got out of the picture for a while. It’s quite amazing, actually. He designs songs the way no one else has. He just adds verse after verse while repeating the same over and over. Then when he whispers in my ear… it was just like before. I felt a little bit of guilt throughout the song, though, with everything going on, but it seems like he was trying to get me to listen to him again.

Space was very relaxing and peaceful. Although it took some time to get used to it again, cuz I had heard the acoustic version a couple of times already. The keyboard at the end almost had me floating on air and I was like “I don’t want this to end.” But I wanted to see how I’d react to the rest of the album.

Pheromone was a fun little song. I listened to the lyrics and I’m like, “he’s got a sick mind, but I don’t care.” I just kept listening and mouthing the lyrics along with him, trying to feel how his character felt in the song. Loose! was a blast as always, but it actually made some poetic sense when he said, “get ur education first then buy a pair of shoes.”

That’s the thing he wanted to really tell me. He wanted me to stop posting all the time and take a moment to breathe and let everything sink in. Maybe even spend more time with him on his own and not say every little thing that “goes on between us.” That’s funny to say, but most likely true. The song had spoken 2 me before, but not quite like that.

Papa had me shaking my head cuz people had said it was personal. I couldn’t believe it had happened to him personally, not with the way he’s spoken about his father (I’ve got the Larry King interview to back me up there). And there isn’t a song like it where he really doesn’t sing, at least not until the very end of it.

Race was a fun little jam, not quite as fun as Pheromone. I kept thinking about the record scratch he uses here that he also used in “Continental.” I feel like it belongs there a lot more than here. Race is kinda off the beaten path because it really  has nothing to do with the other tracks that came before it. I guess because it was mean for the O(+> album, but the music made it fit here better.

Dark, I got into quite a bit. It was the song that took me the longest to really get into it. I listened to every single word and tried to feed off his emotions. Mostly pain and sadness, but he seemed sedated at the time. He could have been a lot angrier, but wasn’t. Either cuz the vibe was better this way or he couldn’t get too angry about it.

Solo sent shivers down my spine at the very end. I heard every word of it and I don’t think he’d ever written a song of such sadness and emotion. Once Letitgo started, I couldn’t stop smiling. As sad as the past song was, this song was more like redemptation, saying everything he’s wanted to say and it was probably one of the best beats ever. Love the use of all the different instruments and the way they come off. I can’t say enough how much I enjoy that song. And then, Orgasm took me for a long ride, longer than I remember it was. But I got into his “moments” where he speaks, has me pretty much drooling. I’m kinda tired at the time, but he has my attention.

It’s a pretty special moment when an album like Come that’s supposedly drowning in sadness actually makes me cheerier. I wanted to extend the vibe I was getting even longer, but I didn’t have the time. Maybe it’s time to go over Come & TGE again and see what happens. O(+> could be just the person I need right now in these difficult times.

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