Every1 come behold Christopher Tracy’s Parade

Courtesy of someone from the boards, I have the album on my hard-drive. And that’ll do until I find/buy the album on disc.

It felt like I was going back in time. But immediately I was hooked. It was like I returned to that whole magical world all over again. Hmm… magical world. Maybe it’ll be a good companion for Planet Earth.

Anyway, each song built on the one before and I think that was his intention. During the MTV interview, he said that the album should be listened 2 as a whole. It was amazing how he did that.

The first song got me going pretty good. It was a fun little introduction and shows what’s yet to come. I couldn’t really distinguish the lyrics of “New Position,” but it still had a good beat to it. “I Wonder U,” had a good beat too, but it’s a mystery to me. Maybe that’s why he called it so. “Under the Cherry Moon” had to be one of my favorites. The music was really good and the lyrics were so compelling and romantic and all kinds of things. One of those very sophsticated Prince tracks, but it feels like he was ahead of his time. He could have written something like that for Planet Earth.

“Girls and Boys” started a couple of really fun songs. It had me smiling from cheek to cheek and dancing in my chair. Then the next song, “Life can be so nice”… oh love it to death. Sure, it’s fun seeing him dancing in his car to the music… but I love the flute in it. Just… really great. “Venus De Milo,” kinda was a little sad cuz I remembered that it was the last song they played b4 they killed him off. But it’s one of those beautiful instrumental pieces he does so well.

“Do U Lie” I got quite a bit into. Kiss… same as always. Good song, but yeah, I’ve heard it b4. But had me smiling. And so did the next, “Anotherholenyohead”.

Then “Sometimes it snows in April.” Where to begin? I don’t like so much when he does those lengthy instrumental intros, but I guess it delayed the inevitable. When I heard him start singing of the lyrics I’ve never heard before… I swear my eyes teared up and made me really wanna cry. It’s a beautiful song and wonderful lyrics. Just unbelievable… but of course, Prince is more than capable. But I just love when he surprises me like that. It’s been a while since I’ve heard something quite that extraordinary. The way he sings it, it sounds like Christopher Tracy was a good friend of his. More like a part of him that he laid to rest in order to move on with his life. One of those mysteries about him.

Overall, I love the album. Magical and so much fun.

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