The Black Album: one funky, drug-driven party

I dabbled and listened to a few random tracks from “Dirty Mind” and “Controversy” beforehand. First, I checked out “Dirty Mind, Uptown, Head & Sister” and I did “Controversy, Sexuality and Let’s Work”. That last choice was actually a smart one.

Because Le Grind felt just like it had the same beat and everything. I really had a fun time with that, like you wouldn’t believe…

Cindy C. got better later on… but then when he started to beg Cindy, heh, it sounded like he was kinda high at the time. With both tracks, I really couldn’t make out what he was saying towards the beginning, but whatever.

Dead on It, I was so-so about. I liked the lyrics and everything… but I just couldn’t get into it all that much.

When 2 r in love… wow, I didn’t expect to find a sweet little number to be put in there. My favorite, hands down. But I could feel a little bit of hidden sadness there. Like he wrote this just after the break-up with Susannah. I could almost picture him in a dark room with red candles when he wrote this.

Bob George, I feel like I’ll probably appreciate later on… but probably the WEIRDEST song he’s ever written… and I don’t like to call him weird. But this one is weird. I’ll say for him.

Superfunkycalifraisexy took a little while for me to get into. I mean, I felt like I starting to get to know him again… cuz he didn’t use his normal voice at all in the last song. But once it got going… it was a real trip… he was definitely high when  he wrote this one… but it was still fun.

Track 7 was a little too long and I think I was losig focus for a while (or maybe that’s just a side-effect… I was feeding off his energy and got knocked upside the head).

Then Rockhard in a Funky Place… I was just waking up and getting into it. But I really wish it was longer than it was because I was just getting back into the groove of things.

I actually enjoyed it a lot… with a few exceptions, It was a lot of fun. I forgot for a little while that he did this when he was high… but it was hard to ignore that fact once I got halfway through it.

Man, Prince, you’re a trip. Cheers!


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