O(+>’s The Gold “Experience”

Well, more like experience(s). But you get the point. Whether or not I can truly call this album my favorite, I may never know sure. I love it today, but if I play it tomorrow, I might not feel the same way.

The album comes across differently almost everytime I hear it. This time, it felt like he wrote a whole bunch of experiences. What’s going on in his life and/or what has already happened to him. To give his listeners a glimpse of what he sees from a bunch of different angles/areas. The only thing connecting them together are the NPG operators, but I refuse to listen to them telling them what I should/should not about what’s coming up.

P. Control: Had a lot of fun with this little number. Not quite sure what the story has to do with anything, but could just be a little something for the female fans to “chew on”. I guess. When he goes on telling a story about someone other than him, I tend to get a little lost.

Endorphinmachine: took a little while to get used to, but a fun ride nonetheless. His vocals so full of attitude and some sick :guitar: Just wish he’d change the title or the way he says it, just grates on my nerves a bit. (I also took the concept of time out of this and skipped right to the next song b4 giving me the “Prince esta muerta” line… which isn’t true anymore).

Shh: an amazing number. Very seductive and alluring. Amazing :guitar: because it expresses what his voice cannot. Someone suggested to me that this song has a hint of sadness in it. When he said, “Down down down,” before going into that last lengthy guitar solo, I could just feel what he meant. It has no words, but there’s a hint of subtle sadness there. What else can I really say? It’s one of my favorites both here & in his musical repetorie.

We March: Songs like this and :pussy: Control convince me that this album is meant to be a party/celebration of a new dawn. It’s reminiscent of “Sacrifice of Victor” back on the O(+> album, maybe with less subtance. And it kinda ends the first part of the album.

This is when things start to change pace a little bit and focus right on the here and now. What’s on his mind and what our his thoughts. There really is no distinct way to divide the rest of the songs on the album. So I’ll just post the rest and leave the best for last.

The Most Beautiful Girl in the World: A true, sappy love song. When he wrote this, I’m pretty sure it was for Mayte. There’s a lot of questions as to who he wrote the song for, but that’s not my concern.  He goes on about this love on so many levels. He woes her with poetry and different metaphors for her beauty. Then when he speaks, a whole new message comes across and yet there are no words to describe it. It’s just something that can be felt if you’re listening closely enough.

Dolphin: it’s pretty clear what this song is about. The whole thing with WB, how they “killed” his spirit and he was reincarnated. Makes me wonder, though, if he wrote the song before he named it or he named the song and this is what came out because it sounds like how a dolphin would glide through the water. I then look into account the line “why does my brother have to go hungry when u told him there was food for all?”… what could he possibly mean by that? I never took the time to really figure that one out. Of course the next line says how WB was supposed to always be there and support him, but they let him down by putting their foot down. The guitar solo has a bit of anger and sadness, but I can feel like he’s gaining strength and despite what he feels inside, he’s trying to make the best of it.

319: a segue off the beaten-path. This is something that feels like it happened a while back. It “reeks” of Pheromone. The girl is the same, but this time, he’s the one who has her and he’s doing what he pleases. It’s a comedical track full of expression, ahem, him being the “horny pony” that he is. Pony or toad, whatever floats your boat.

Shy: Speaking of “horny pony,” is it just me or did he recycle the beat from “Walk don’t walk” on the Diamonds & Pearls album for the very beginning of this? I guess I’d have to hear them back to back to know for sure. If I’d change one thing, I’d cut the guitar at the end a little start.  I feel like it goes a little too long sometimes, but he probably had his reasons. Very laid-back song that feels like something Simon & Garfunkel could have written, but it’s cool by me 😎 Not exceptional, but not terrible.

Billy Jack Bitch: Well, I could have enjoyed this a little bit more, but I was already thinking of what “Eye hate U” put me thru the last time I listened to it. But like I’ve said, he & the NPG are having one last huge party (at someone else’s expense) before things get serious. It’s one of those things he does so well. His method of getting revenge on someone is the laugh at their expense by writing a song about them.

Eye Hate U: I was split down the middle while listening to this. Some have said its about Carmen Electra (which I understand completely πŸ˜‰ ) and some have said its about his relationship with WB. Some lines point to one and some to the other. It’s hard to say really, but I could definitely see it from both view points. It was hard to listen to the last time, so my attention was a little divided, maybe to protect myself. I’d want to pass no judgement or feel what he’s feeling. And I also had one last song to consider and I wasn’t about to let the bad karma here ruin it. Having said that, the guitar solo at the end said so much, like the others before it. Like in “Shh,” it speaks of what his voice cannot. But also “Dolphin,” where he’s taking his anger and sadness, channeling it into music and gaining strength from it.

Gold: FYI, this is the diet Coke/sedated/abridged version of my thoughts on this song. I’ll keep the more “intimate” details to myself on a private blog only I will have access to (and if you want to know, promise u won’t pass judgement on me and I’ll give ’em to u directly).

Just as always the song is AMAZING. Something about it just felt so right and I knew exactly what I  had chosen this as my favorite and to call it my “soul tattoo” as I do. It’s a relief considering that it didn’t come off to well the last time (thanx to the song b4 it). But it said so much. The vocals, the instrumentals,  it all came together to deliver the same message, but on different frequencies. So what if its structured almost exactly like “Purple Rain”? To me, it’s so much more than that. It encompasses the message of the whole album and so much more. It looks back on the past and it foretells the future.

*U r now an official member of the New Power Generation. Welcome 2 the Dawn*


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  1. So what does this “private blog” say? hehe

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