The Black Album: 3rd trip to the funky party

I haven’t written an entry in what feels like so long. I feel like a lot has happened since I played TGE. Of course most of it was schoolwork… a lot of schoolwork. I was starting to feel a little helpless because my time with Prince seems to have shrunk down to an hour a day. And I feel like that just isn’t enough. Maybe it’s just God’s plan. Who knows?

This weekend, I will have more time for Prince. Well, to put it accurately, more time for O(+>.

Right now, though, Spooky electric’s work is what I’m here to write about (Prince’s too).

Le Grind: a fun track that really gets things going. I’ve favored it less than the later tracks, but still shouldn’t be taken for granted. I still enjoy it a lot. The lyrics aren’t all that great, but it’s all about this “noveau dance”… but I like the lyric “Is that your boyfriend? Ha, I don’t care Cuz’ I can do, said I can do tricks he can never do When I get naked, we’ll see the real u”… Now that’s Prince-esque. Even his panting later on is in-synch with the music… totally cool. And interesting use of keyboards too.

Cindy C.: a fun track of a different sort. It feels like it has a little Latino flavor to it courtesy of Sheila E. And it steps up the level of fun a little more. Actually, the beginning kinda reminds me of “U Got the Look”… the first few seconds.

Dead on it: has another good beat to it, but a little broken up sort of beat. I realized at this point that the album isn’t about lyrics, it’s about party music and lyrics that go well. It’s really something to hear him do hip-hop with ACTUAL instruments. Adds a little something extra that makes him a level higher than those he’s mocking in the song. Still doesn’t mean I want him to stick to this genre either. He’s better than hip-hop.

When 2 R in Love: the outlier on this album, but my favorite track. It’s just so beautiful. Wonderful lyrics that see eye 2 eye with others he’s written previous and after this project. It’s just amazing. The vocals. And the instruments on the chorus… I seriously could feel it take my breath away. Just wish he made it a little longer than 4 minutes, cuz I get really into it. I think I’ll even make an exception and add this to my Prince mix.

Bob George: has probably one of the most interesting/groovy beats I’ve heard him do. It’s a very raw song that’s just him speaking in a LOW voice. The progression, how he adds new instruments as it goes on. The guitar is spontaneously brilliant, but the “gun/laser” sound effects really get on my nerves. But I might get used to them over time, wouldn’t be the first time. When he called “Mr. George” up… I definitely saw the humor there… made me grin.

Superfunkycalifragisexy: I totally go off the wall with this song. Starts with his characteristic “Oooowwwaaahhh” which makes me laugh cuz I enjoy hearing him do ’em. His lyrics have such a groovy flow to them and the dance music in the background has got to be the grooviest on the album. Of course, right now, after my 2nd listen tonight, I’m totally wired cuz of it and I’m cracking up in all kinds of places. Like whenever he says “Squirrel Meat”… I just lose it. Love the vocals cuz they feel like home… like “this is how I know Prince”… what a party that is.

Track 7: I kinda lose my focus over time with this song cuz it’s so long. But it’s a fun, extended, non-vocal party. He has a groovy beat going and he introduces keyboards, bass and several others as he goes on. Very interesting instrumentals actually, but my mind usually doesn’t stick with lengthy instrumentals for long periods of time.

Rockhard in a Funky Place: Camille makes an appearance here. Not exactly the kind of party I’d end this party album with, but w/e. I ain’t the boss. Heh, the lyrics are… pretty obvious… but it’s cool. Some good guitar in there, groovy… I suspect this is the one track in the album Prince wants to devote to groovy guitar solos. Just something he likes to do.

The tracks are so catchy and I’m enjoying myself so much that I feel like I’m trippin’ whenever a song ends and another begins. Having so much fun that I forget where I am and when the party ends, I’m like “aww… the party’s over?” Now I feel like I’m hopped up on caffeine… but during songs like Superfunkycalifragisexy, I get so delirious in the fun that I feel like I’m high… but I’ve never done drugs. How would I know what being high is like? But it’s obvious that he was already better, ahem, knowledgeable about the effects of “squirrel meat” when he wrote that one song.

That’s my 2nd fav. track right behind “When 2 R in Love.” When given fun/groovy tracks and beautiful tracks, I pick beautiful A-U-T-O-matically. So I can put this album aside for a little while so I can start working some more new material.

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